There are so many reasons to stay in and celebrate Valentine鈥檚 Day at home. From crazy wait times and sky-high prices at restaurants to the simple desire to challenge yourself to cook more (because, hey, it鈥檚 Valentine鈥檚 Day), cooking or baking dessert at home is the best way to take a 鈥渓ess is more鈥 approach this year. But less doesn鈥檛 have to mean less fun or less special, as these pretty essentials prove. Scroll on for items that鈥檒l make your dinner at home better than ever.


1. Citrus Dinner Napkin by Boutique Textiles ($28): It鈥檚 Valentine鈥檚 Day, and that means no paper napkins, thank you. This beauty sports the perfect hint of pink color, but isn鈥檛 overtly Valentine鈥檚-y, so it鈥檚 basically an investment in your year-round dinner ware.


2. Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds by Fred and Friends ($12): After using these, you鈥檒l wonder why there isn鈥檛 a fun message at the bottom of every cupcake or muffin you鈥檝e ever eaten. Best part: They鈥檙e reusable!


3. Medals Cookie Cutters by Fred and Friends ($13): If you鈥檙e making cookies for dessert, there is no reason you shouldn鈥檛 reward yourself for your effort by overtly stamping it right on the face of the cookies. If you start to feel guilty, you can say it鈥檚 a message for your beau and they鈥檒l eat it up鈥 literally.


4. Nine-Piece Nest Set ($50): Cooking and baking are so much easier when you have the right tools. This set has nine of them. They鈥檙e ultra stackable too, so your kitchen cabinets won鈥檛 end up a cluttered mess.


5. Put a Ring On It by I Screen You Screen ($24): If you鈥檙e waiting on your boo to pop the question, you can totally consider dropping a not-so-subtle hint on Valentine鈥檚 Day, like the one showcased on this Beyonc茅-inspired towel.


6. Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App by Drop ($100): Take the guessing out of cooking and baking with this technological wonder. The scale works in perfect accordance with the step-by-step app that accompanies it, making measuring ingredients or recalibrating serving sizes a cinch.


7. Flamingo Spatula found by B+C ($12): There鈥檚 simply no reason spatulas should be so boring. You鈥檒l never want to store this little guy in a drawer 鈥 it鈥檚 just too darn cute!


8. Tortilla and Bread Basket by Casa Amarosa ($25): The color scheme and pattern of this tortilla and bread basket makes it an eye-catching piece for your table.

cake stand

9. Tin Cake Stand found by B+C ($20): If you鈥檙e having an extra fancy date-night dinner, a regular ol鈥 cake pan just won鈥檛 do for dessert presentation. Splurge on this and display it in your kitchen when it鈥檚 not in use 鈥 it鈥檚 that pretty.


10. Custom Cake Topper by Bracket ($20): If you鈥檝e whipped up a cake for your romantic meal, top it with whatever words you鈥檇 like with this custom cake topper. Make it specific to the day and hold onto it as a keepsake, or customize it with something more general and use it again on other special occasions.


11. Custom Maple Flag Cutting Board by Aheirloom ($38): Spread the love everywhere you possibly can, all the way to your cutting board. This custom maple cutting board lets you celebrate initials, a special date or a sentimental location.

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