Life may be like a box of chocolates but we think love is more like a bag of potato chips filled with mostly the really awesome folded kinds and a couple burnt ones in the mix because nothing is perfect, you know? Your heart-shaped sweet tooth is probably satisfied at this point so we’re hooking you up with Valentine’s Day’s lesser celebrated heroes, savory dishes and snacks! Bon appetit, babe!

1. Bacon and Egg Toast Cups: Give everyone’s favorite breakfast a Cupid-approved update with our handy how-to. (via Brit + Co.)

2. Heart-Shaped Hard Boiled Egg: This is one kitchen hack that’s going to blow everyone’s minds. (via Anna the Red)

3. Bacon of Hearts: We’ll include this in the unofficial breakfast section but we know you bacon lovers would eat this stuff covered with chocolate if they made them — oh, they do make them chocolate-covered. (via Paper Mama)

4. Sweet Potato Heart Crackers: Bake up some crunchy crackers for your little (or big) sweet potato. (via Merriment Design)

5. Cupid’s Arrows: We’re cheating a little bit here with a pop of sugary candy. But these little arrows just pierced our hearts. (via Organize and Decorate Everything)

6. Beet Cheddar Crackers: These blushing snackers have beets to thank for their cheery hue and flaxseed in them to thank for keeping your heart healthy. (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)

7. Love-ly School Lunches: Think outside the lunchbox and bag up a little love for your little one with fun ideas like this. (via Bento School Lunches)

8. Zucchini Tea Sandwiches: You don’t have to eat these classy little bites with your pinky in the air but you probably should. (via Love With Food)

9. Heart-Shaped Sushi: I heart sushi, you heart sushi, we all heart sushi. Especially heart-shaped sushi. (via Japan Centre)

10. Grilled Cheese Hearts and Tomato Soup: A yummy dish that will warm up your hottie inside (and out). Polar Vortex be damned. (via Ziggity Zoom)

10. Bacon Cheeseburger Pockets: Pack up these bad boys for your next romantic picnic and have yourself a cheesy, bacon-y lovefest on-the-go, no grill needed. (via Pocket Change Gourmet)

11. Sweetheart Salad: Cut X’s, O’s and hearts in the veggies, cheese and other toppings for the most romantic, leafy side dish possible. (via Workman Family)

12. Pear-Stuffed, Heart-Shaped Ravioli in Walnut Sage White Wine Reduction: Yes, you read that title right. Make a gourmet meal this V-Day that’s vegan to boot/bite. (via Vegan Miss)

13. Zucchini, Bacon and Cheese Fritters and Potato Rösti: A Swiss dish gets a delicious spin married with zucchini fritters that have bacon AND cheese in them. Heaven! (via Barbara Bakes)

14. Heart Pizza: You’ll know if it’s true love if they let you have the last slice… (via Once Upon a Cutting Board)

15. Healthy Chicken Pot Sticker Hearts: Dumplings for your dumplings! (via Babble)

What’s on your Valentine’s Day menu this year? Share below!