We LOVE Doritos in all forms 鈥 even the creepy Halloween ones. But we know everyone鈥檚 fave flave is still the throwback Cool Ranch Doritos that never fail to satisfy, with just the right blend of cheesy-peppery-garlicky goodness. Since *Cool Ranch* first launched as a flavor in a buttermilk salad dressing by Hidden Valley Ranch back in 1949, it鈥檚 been a go-to of foodies everywhere. Toss it in anything from yummy bar foods to game-day queso dips to every night casserole dishes and it鈥檚 guaranteed to take the flavor quotient up a notch. Here are 17 mouthwatering ranch recipes you haven鈥檛 tasted yet.

1. Barbecue Chickpea Socca Salad Pizza With Vegan Ranch: This healthy socca salad pizza has all the satisfying yum of a BBQ-ranch pizza, but it鈥檚 healthy. Take that, you takeout cravings! (via聽Loveleaf Co.)


2. Battered Cheese: These cheese curds fried in a delicate tempura are like gooey little pillows of yumminess. But it鈥檚 the drizzle of buttermilk ranch dressing that makes them a flavor bomb. (via Little Rusted Ladle)


3. Easy Garlic Cheese Bombs Recipe: This easy pull-apart bread is just oozing with garlicky ranch-flavored cheese. One bite, and you鈥檙e in garlic-bread nirvana. (via Crunchy Creamy Sweet)


4. Homemade Cool Ranch Doritos: If you thought your Cool Ranch days were over now that you鈥檙e a snack-aisle avoiding adult, get ready for a comeback. You can whip up this homemade version using pantry items you probably already have on hand. (via The Cookie Rookie)


5. Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken Tacos: Set aside that same ol鈥 same ol鈥 jar of On the Border and instead think creamy, white ranch dressing for a crazy good taco-sauce twist. Bookmark this recipe for your next Taco Tuesday and everyone at the table will be so impressed. (via Creme de la Crumb)


6. BBQ Chickpea and Crispy Polenta Bowls With Asparagus + Ranch Hummus: You鈥檙e looking at one giant bowl of good health here. Yummy ranch hummus adds the perfect bit of coolness to temper the cajun BBQ seasonings. (via Half Baked Harvest)


7. Bacon Ranch Green Beans: You know everyone鈥檚 fave green bean casserole made with mystery cans of soup? This recipe is like that, only better. It has all the same French-onion crunchiness you love, without burying the fresh green bean flavor. (via Dinner at the Zoo)


8. Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwiches: If you love spicy fried chicken, this is your jam. The sour cream ranch sauce brings the heat down just right. (via The Flavor Bender)


9. Parmesan Ranch Roasted Chickpeas: This one鈥檚 for the grazers in the house! When you鈥檝e got perfectly seasoned roasted chickpeas on hand, you鈥檝e got a healthy 鈥 and tasty 鈥 snack at the ready. (via Jennifer Meyering)


10. Baked Mississippi Roast Party Sandwiches: This recipe takes everyone鈥檚 fave ranch-infused Mississippi pot roast and breaks it down into bite-size sliders. Bring this to your next gathering and you鈥檙e sure to be everyone鈥檚 BFF. (via Fox Valley Foodie)


11. Buffalo Chicken Pizza: Light, fluffy pizza dough meets vinegary, spicy Buffalo sauce meets creamy, garlicky ranch sauce. This deep dish pizza is a triple threat. (via PerfectLeeHungry)


12. Ranch Hasselback Potato Casserole: When crispy-crunchy potatoes get covered in a creamy, cheesy sauce, you know you鈥檙e in for a taste treat. Just like French fries, you can serve this up as a side dish or enjoy it as a tasty snack. (via Goodie Godmother)


13. Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Ranch Chicken Meatloaf: This bacon-wrapped chicken meatloaf is Paleo and Whole30 compliant. It鈥檚 so easy to make and economical, because meatloaf always stretches a food budget. (via The Paleo Running Momma)


14. One Pot Chipotle Ranch Chicken Pasta: Ranch mix and yogurt combine to make a super-creamy, garlicky sauce that rivals everyone鈥檚 fave Alfredo 鈥 but without all the fat. This one-pot recipe will be your new go-to on nights when you get home late from work. (via Katie鈥檚 Cucina)


15. Loaded Ranch Mashed Potatoes: Oh, em, gee 鈥 it鈥檚 everyone鈥檚 fave mashed taters all dressed up with ranch seasonings, cheese and bacon. Few dishes are so easy to make and yet SOOOOOO very satisfying. (via Food Lovin鈥 Family)


16. Bacon Ranch and聽White Cheddar Pizza With New York Style Crust: This thin-crust pizza reheats so well the next day, you may want to double up the batch. Leftovers = lifesaver, amiright? (via Gringalicious)


17. Buffalo Chicken Sliders: These sliders are the ultimate party food for your next sports event or TV viewing party. The recipe can easily be doubled, tripled or quadrupled for large-batch oven-tray cooking. PAR-TAY people for the win! (via A聽Flavor Journal)

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