Corinne Olympios might not have found love on season 21 of The Bachelor, but she DID get a proposal when it ended. The reality star revealed in a new interview that she got engaged soon after Nick Viall sent her home.

In a recent appearance on The Morning Breath talk show, Olympios explained that she rekindled things with her former longtime boyfriend upon leaving the show. “I got home, and he showed up at my house with a ring,” the reality star said.

Rumors of an engagement buzzed in January, when Olympios was seen wearing a ring on social media. Though at the time it was thought to be a potential Bachelor spoiler (the show premiered in January but was taped in the fall of 2016), it seems now like it could have been a sign of the short-lived reconnection between her and her ex. She said the engagement happened one year ago this week, and while things moved quickly at first, their renewed romance didn’t last very long.

“I removed two tattoos that I had, because I was engaged to a very religious guy,” she said. “And he was like, ‘I can’t marry you if you have tattoos.’ [So I] got them removed. Then we broke off the engagement.”

After it was over, she gave the ring back. “I could never keep something like that,” she told the Morning Breath hosts.

Olympios certainly had an eventful year after being sent home without a rose. She was tapped to appear on Bachelor in Paradise, but of course had her time on the show cut short following an alleged (but eventually dismissed) sexual misconduct scandal between her and costar DeMario Jackson. The two then sparked dating rumors of their own, but she insists they’re just friends and is now working on two TV shows while courting a new relationship to boot.

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