Getting ripples in your rug is just the worst… that is, unless you can turn the ripple into furniture. Designer Alessandro Isola did just that to create a living room landscape that really takes our breath away.

Isola calls it the Stumble Upon Sofa. To create this lovely innovation, he used the same train of thought that led him to his Stumble Upon Table (below). He’s disrupting the space with little kinks that would normally be disregarded as an annoyance, and finding an alternative use for them. The result is multifunctional furniture that is so incredibly simple.

Look at how that gargantuan rug/couch totally steals the show. Who needs big furniture? Just grab a few poufs and a set of nesting tables and you’re good to go.

To keep the fold (aka the couch) in place, there are shelves to sort of make the bones of the structure and hold some books or decorations. The dimensions of the rug are customized to each person’s home where, it stays in the folded form chosen for it.

Isolo’s studio wants to make this design into a something that you might find in someone’s home. He just has to figure out what kind of pricing is feasible to begin selling them. We assume the cost will be steep, as his Stumble Upon Table design started at $8,800. But hopefully we’ll get to see it in a celebrity home tour soon enough.

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(h/t Design Taxi)