We love celebrity home tours. They give us a chance to catch a glimpse at how the rich and famous are decorating their homes and give us a good dose of inspiration for our own homes. We especially love it when we see them embracing color. It’s refreshing to see more celebrities abandoning traditional decor and choosing bold colors with emerald kitchens, magenta bedrooms and golden living rooms. Check out our 16 favorite celebrites with vibrant homes, and get inspired to get bold with color.

1. Complementary Neons: We weren’t at all surprised to see that neon orange couch in Lauren Conrad’s office. The room oozes with feminine touches like the tufting on the couch, stacks of fashion books and a colorful pink rug made out of silk saris. (via In Style)

2. Radiantly Purple: In her interview with Architectural Digest, Ellen Pompeo talks about how as soon as her daughter was born she just started embracing color. She said she wanted a home that reflected the new energy and life. This is her daughter Stella’s room, and we are taking notes on that killer purple and orange color palette! (via Architectural Digest)

3. Dark and Moody: We love this dark and mysterious dining room from the fabulous Antonio Banderas. Instead of sticking to a stiff black and white color palette, this intense room shows off some brilliant blue and purple seating. (via Kari Whitman Interiors)

4. Country Blues: Michelle Williams embraces the French countryside look with her bright and cheerful kitchen. The natural light and dark wood floors are the perfect backdrop for some sneaky blue accent cupboards. (via Lonny)

5. Warm Yellows: Will Smith’s living room looks bathed in a pool of sunshine. The rustic beams are complemented by natural wood pieces like the slab coffee table and an ornately carved door. (via Architectural Digest)

6. Elegantly Striped: Scandal‘s Katie Lowes knows what she likes, and what she likes in a home is clean and streamlined design with a few well-placed pops of color. She opted to go with a gray and cream color palette so she could swap out seasonal color accents. (via Lonny)

7. Farmhouse Red: Renee Zellweger’s Connecticut farmhouse is really rocking the red dining room. The all-whitekitchen and trim helps keep things from looking too dark, while the butcher block countertops and exposed pot rack really bring the farmhouse to life. (via Lonny)

8. Boho Minimalism: Actress and musician Mia Maestro’s home has a distinctly boho feel. Piles of oversized, colorful throw pillows tumble off the couch onto the floor for a festive, relaxed atmosphere. (via Lonny)

9. Delicate Pastels: Even though Brooke Shields’ sitting room is elegant and subdued, she still managed to get some feminine touches of color into the room with pink pillows and a wonderfully whimsical piece of art that lends an air of playfulness to an otherwise formal room. (via Architectural Digest)

10. Green With Envy: Hollywood’s golden girl Cameron Diaz definitely has a kitchen with the Midas touch. We’re not sure how she got those golden countertops, but we’re obsessed! (via Elle Decor)

11. Nautical Inspiration: Molly Sims and her husband adore the kicked-back California lifestyle, and their low-key energy is definitely felt throughout the house. The decor is young and modern with natural textures paired with vibrant yellow throw pillows. (via Domaine Home)

12. Patterned Oasis: You don’t often think of color creating a peaceful atmosphere, but Jessica Alba’s master bedroom effortlessly combines patterns and textures to create a serene getaway. A clean, neutral color palette is enhanced with a bold mix of textures and boho colors to create a grounded feeling in an otherwise modern space. (via Domaine Home)

13. Color Through Art: Summer is Minnie Mortimer’s favorite time of year, and you can see that reflected in her sea blue couch and beach-themed pillows. She also loves antique art and proudly displays it in an easygoing gallery wall in her living room. (via Vogue)

14. Industrial Colors: The exposed brick in Kirsten Dunst‘s sleek Manhattan apartment is the perfect backdrop for some dark turquoise cabinets. The rich color is duplicated with some funky, distressed kitchen chairs in a shade of teal. (via Architectural Digest)

15. Golden Glow: Clearly Jonathan Adler has embraced the metallic trend in home decor with those jaw-dropping bronze coffee tables. We also love the brilliantl yellow pendant lights over the dining room table, which carries the golden theme throughout the whole house. (via Domaine Home)

16. Bold All Over: Leave it to Kourtney Kardashian to amp up the drama in her home with bold black and white patterns and vibrant color accents. She wanted the room to have an Alice in Wonderland sort of charm, and we are definitely swept away into a magical trance. (via In Style)

Which colorful celebrity home is your favorite? Are you loving the drama of Antonio Banderas or the boho patterns of Jessica Alba? Talk to us in the comments below!