We thought we had witnessed crayons do some pretty cool things in our day. We have turned them into colorful candles. We have seen them transform frames and even become wall art. But when we laid our eyes on Herb Williams’ Crayola creation, we were tickled [carnation] pink, cerulean blue, burnt sienna… maybe even a little “macaroni and cheese.”

The Nashville-based artist took crayons (a LOT of crayons) to create life-size sculptures and nature scenes in a technicolor exhibit dubbed “Call of the Wild.”

Some of the sticks he melted down and others he left in the paper and bonded to casts.

Over 40,000 crayons went into this sculpture of a deer on a little hydration break.

Some of the pieces were originally graffiti that Nashville residents might recognize from spotting around their hometown.

A big box of crayons these days includes 96 colors. Herb used around 30,000 of certain shades for the exhibit. That’s a lot of childhood memories right there.

And we thought we had a colorful workspace.

What’s the most amazing thing (besides fridge art) that you made using crayons or materials commonly categorized as “just for kids”? Inspire us below!

(Photos: courtesy of Herb Williams — view more of Herb’s work here!)