One of our favorite things about back to school season was always that fresh, new box of unused crayons. Unless you have kids, you likely don’t have a reason to buy a box of 64 (or 96!) Crayolas. But these 11 DIY projects might send you to the school supply aisle in a hurry! Yes, some of them are distinctly geared toward kids, but there are plenty that would look great in a grown up apartment, too.

1. Crayon Frame: Talk about a colorful photo frame! This is the perfect way to show off your kid’s school photos. (via Felt So Cute)

2. Crayon Box: We think this box would make a great desk organizer for pens and pencils, don’t you? (via Teaching Fashionista)

3. Color Block Candles: This DIY is so easy, you can do it in your microwave. We love coming up with all kinds of fun color combinations. (via Brit + Co.)

4. Crayon Monogram: This is the perfect DIY for a kid’s room or as a teacher’s gift at the beginning of the school year. We’d also love to see it done in all one color for an ombre effect. (via Show Me Mama)

5. Multi Colored Crayons: What do you do with all those broken crayons? Make them into multi-colored ones, of course! You can use a silicone tray, or a muffin tin with paper liners. We can also see them being used as holders for place cards. (via The Organic Lemon)

6. Crayon Wreath ($28): This is actually a wreath you can buy, but if you feel like making your own, it would be easy to DIY with a cardboard wreath template and some glue.

7. Melted Crayon Art: We’ve seen lots of these melted crayon creations. But something about the shades of pinks and reds in this version has us hooked. It feels more grown up than the strictly rainbow versions. (via JK Create)

8. Sandpaper Transfer T-Shirt: This idea definitely falls into the kid category, but we love it as a great rainy day activity. (via Alpha Mom)

9. Abstract Crayon Art: Another take on the melted crayon DIY, this version takes a more abstract approach. We’re guessing you wouldn’t even know it was made with crayons without being told. (via Artistic Junkie)

10. Carved Crayons: We’re so impressed with the artwork of Diem Chau. These crayon carvings are so intricate they must have taken hours! Anyone up for trying this technique? (via Tiny Haus)

11. Striped Crayons: These rainbow striped crayons are a great way to use up broken crayons as well. Just think of the cool rainbow stripes you’ll be able to draw! (via Paper & Stitch)