Today marked day one of #CreateGood, Brit + Co‘s colorful and empowering five-day pop-up event running from 11:30AM to 4:30PM from October 4-8 in New York City. Right from the get-go, curious selfie- and shoefie-taking Manhattanites poured into the event’s SoHo headquarters to check out the many, many highly ‘grammable installations (hello, millennial pink neon arcade!) and work their hashtagging fingers. But things really got going when the sun went down, as some very famous — and inspiring — faces took to stage.

Here are our top five highlights from tonight’s program of panels, keynotes, and chats featuring some incredible ladies.

1. Brit Morin kicks off the festivities by laying out the #CreateGood mission.Brit + Co founder and CEO Brit Morin set the tone with a speech that reiterated the mission statement of this massive event. Despite the world around us feeling like it’s in disarray, it’s important to remember to put empowering and positive vibes back out into the world.

“We know we can’t fix the world, but we do know that now more than ever, women are seeking out supportive communities,” she says. “To find inspiration. To be positive. To have a voice. To learn something new. And to take action.”

With a roster featuring incredible guests like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Misty Copeland, Rebecca Minkoff, Iris Apfel, and more, there will be plenty of opportunities to get lifted. So definitely tune in on our Facebook page, and see and hear what’s GOOD.

2. Daphne Oz dishes on her famous doctor dad and his TMI. Celebrity chefs Daphne Oz and Katie Lee were up next, talking about their journey to culinary fame. One hilarious highlight: Daphne Oz recalled when her famous father, Dr. Mehmet Oz, first hit the big time when she was a sophomore in high school.

“He was featured on People magazine as America’s sexiest doctor,” she remembers. “In the article, he inadvertently said that he and his wife had sex four times a day. What he meant is four times a week! Next thing I know, this guy I liked came up to me, and said, ‘Hey, I heard….’ Oh my god, SHUT UP!”

3. Daphne Oz simply *kills* it at a taste test. When it comes to knowing flavors, nobody’s got a better palate than a chef, right? That why we had to put Daphne Oz’s and Katie Lee’s tastebuds to the test with our Halloween candy blind taste test challenge! In the end, it was no contest. While Katie Lee spent precious time savoring each candy, Oz was kicking ass and taking names, rattling off all correct answers but one. For the record, she HATES Mike and Ike’s.

4. Alexa von Tobel delivers tips for being major money boss. Entrepreneur Alexa von Tobel is the founder and CEO of, a personal finance website, and bestselling author of the book Financially Fearless. She sold her company for $250 million, so she definitely knows a thing or two about how to create good business. But her talk for our crowd was more for ladies just starting out.

Her advice for budding entrepreneurs: “Dream big. Nobody else is going to dream for you. And get a financial plan!” Then she launched into her top five tips for being financially fearless, which ranged from creating a budget and planning for retirement to buying a home and protecting that all-too-important credit score. Take that info to the bank, girls.

5. Allison Williams talked about the sadness of saying goodbye to Girls and her legacy. Many of us know actress Allison Williams as the high-strung Marnie Williams from HBO’s series Girls. For Williams, it was her first real job out of college after she was asked to audition on the success of a self-made YouTube video. But now, looking back a year after the show’s finale, she says of her castmates, “It is heartbreaking. I miss them so much. This is my first summer not shooting the show since I graduated from college. These are my siblings. …I got to play out having a normal 20-something experience through Marnie.”

She went on to talk about life since the series. “We all kind of wrapped around a year ago. But it’s so happy. We’re so proud of the show being made. I feel so unbelievably lucky that all of those things lined up and I was able to be on the show.”

What’s Williams been up to since? Aside from starring in the critically, acclaimed hit indie film Get Out, she’s heavily involved with Horizons National, a group that works to fill the gap of time in the summer for low-income kids with educational camp experiences. “If I accomplish real things with Horizons, nothing else matters. What better legacy is there to leave behind.”

And there’s more where that came from! We’ll be back tomorrow with our theme #CreateGood Business, featuring tech mogul Randi Zuckerberg, a panel of female venture capitalists, and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. Tune in!

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(Photos by Brittany Griffin/Brit + Co)