If you are like us, it is much more fun to buy art than it is to actually hang it, especially if you are renting and aren’t allowed to put nails in the wall. Even if you aren’t constrained by the all-powerful rental deposit, frames can get expensive and a bit boring. But never fear, we are here to rescue your awesome art with 16 creative ways to use up your vertical space and not a hammer or nail to be seen.

1. Framing Without Frames: Why deal with hammers and levels when you can create your own wild wall designs out of washi tape and pom poms? (via Brit + Co)

2. Pant Hangars: Inexpensive and creative, these hangars will look awesome displaying all your bright posters. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Driftwood Photo Display: Sturdy driftwood makes a stunningly rustic frame that’s perfect for one large print or many small photos.

4. DIY Photo Clipboards: If you like to switch your art around, this is the display for you; perfect for hanging kids’ art or just cycling through your favorite snapshots you could put adhesive on the back of these clipboards so you don’t ruin the walls or your photos. (via Love Grows Wild)

5. Over The Door: We think you could totally make this work with those over-the-door towel hooks!

6. Lean It: Probably the easiest display option ever, just pull up a wall and lean your art against it! Effortlessly chic. (via All Day Chic)

7. On A Cart: Create a sweet little vignette with a favorite piece of art set behind your jewelry, perfume and other trinkets.

8. Dartstrip ($25): A flexible, eight foot strip of steel with restickable adhesive backing for easy installation, Darstrip can be cut to any smaller size, and comes with 16 disc magnets that hold pictures in place.

Gallery wall hung on a twine with clothes pins.

9. Clothesline Display ($25): We love the use of washi tape on these clothespins for an extra colorful display.

10. Set On A Shelf: Get a gallery look without the rows of nails by displaying your art on a couple of floating shelves. (via Sadie + Stella)

11. Photo Chandelier: This chandelier is definitely a work of art, but we think if you got creative you could totally DIY. (via Apartment Therapy)

12. Sticks ($30): Made with wood and strong magnets, this modern little hangers can be customized up to 72″ for that really big piece of statement art you’ve been trying to hang.

13. Washi Tape Frames: The best part of a tape frame gallery wall is you can change out the color and arrangement whenever you feel like it without worrying about leaving behind a constellation of nail holes. (via Inspired To Share)

14. On The Grid: Sadly, this Etsy seller is no longer making this awesome wooden “frame” but we’re confident you could DIY your own version with just a few pieces of thin board. (via Apartment Therapy)

15. Wall Decals ($22): How fun are these swirly, modern versions of antique picture frames!

16. Painterly Easel: Forget the wall altogether and make your art part of the room’s furniture with an easel display! (via Lonny)

Will you be trying any of these alternative ways to hang your art? Let us know in the comments below!