Finding the right frame for your photos or art is an essential final step in showcasing your masterpieces. While we naturally swoon over all frames gilded and colorful, we’re currently tossing aside the conventional wood and glass display for these 10 unique ways to frame your art. From sleek magnetic strips to well-crafted and minimally constructed designs—and even a few ways to DIY ‘em—these unusual framing methods put a fun and modern spin on whatever you display.

1. Dartstrip ($25): Dartstrip might be the coolest new way to hang photos. The flexible, eight foot strip of steel has a restickable adhesive backing for easy installation, can be cut to any smaller size, and comes with 16 disc magnets that hold two-dimensional artwork in place. Doesn’t the packaging blow your mind?!

2. Face Object Frames ($22): The geometric decor craze seems like it’s here to stay, so hop on board with these amazing face object frames. We love the diorama element of these clear, faceted pieces—relish a far-off memory by pairing a photo with trinkets from your overseas travels or use it as more of a decorative piece by inserting an abstract print with a duo of air plants.

3. Stiicks ($33): We may have found the ultimate way to display your prints. Hand-crafted in Chicago, Stiicks’s design is simple: center your artwork, drop the Stiicks in place, and let its embedded micro magnets do the work. Stiicks come in five different wood finishes, which means this classy and unconventional frame will work with nearly any graphic—from ‘90s-inspired prints to motivational posters and more.

4. Pant Hangers: Looking for a dirt cheap and hassle-free way to hang smaller-sized prints? Try using wooden pant hangers! The idea may seem silly at first, but once you take one look at this modern display, there’s no denying it’s a genius move. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Woodnetic Frames ($15): We’re really digging the sleek look of these curvy wooden frames. Round magnets pin your pics to “S” and “C”-shaped stands made of real Bamboo and Walnut.

6. Fotoclips ($10): Build your own photo or print collage with Fotoclips, tiny plastic fasteners that grip to the ends of your art. But don’t just think 2D with these clear clips: each box of 110 pieces comes with 10 3D clips that allow you to attach photos at an angle. Neato!

7. Wall Sticker Frames ($25): Wall stickers are quickly becoming one of our favorite kinds of wall art, so we just couldn’t pass up these quirky sticker frames! With no nails required, it might be the easiest way to add some spunk to your walls.

8. Washi Tape Frames: Okay, this might be the easiest way to jazz up your walls! We love how colorful washi tape can add an extra special something to seemingly any surface, like 3D-printed vases, glass doors, and in this case, a gallery wall. But the fun didn’t stop there—read the full post to see three other ways to frame up without using frames. (via Brit + Co.)

9. Magnetic Photo Rope ($12): This might be our favorite way to add a ton of pictures to your wall without it being overpowered by clunky frames. Colorful, magnetic metal cables hang vertically to make the most of your space—we love how five of these look in a row!

10. Driftwood Photo Display: If your home decor is shamelessly summer camp-inspired (think Pendleton everything), then this is the unconventional frame for you. Sturdy driftwood makes a stunningly rustic frame that’s perfect for one large print or many small photos. We love how this blogger clipped her keepsakes to the frame’s twine. (via Morning Creativity)

Would you frame your art using unconventional methods? What are some unusual ways to frame art that you’ve been inspired by? Tell us in the comments below!