‘Tis the season for Starbucks red cups, healthy peppermint bark recipes, Christmas ornament DIYs and cool-tide Christmas carols. The holidays have officially arrived, and it’s time to start thinking (and planning) for 2016 Christmas decor. This holiday season, you’ll want to trim your mantels with stockings that are as trendy as you are. Finding the coolest stockings known to Santa Claus can sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, as we have 15 creative stockings for everyone who has been extra good this year. What are you waiting for? The halls won’t deck themselves.

CrabbyChris Mermaid Christmas Stocking

1. CrabbyChris Mermaid Stocking ($45): Just because a little snow has covered the earth, doesn’t mean that mermaid life stops. Nope, true blue mermaids commit 365 days a year. If you happen to be one of those mermaids who are, well, merely merfolk in spirit, at least your stocking will remind St. Nick that you want fins for Christmas.

Woven Christmas Stocking DIY

2. Woven Stocking DIY: Add a bit of retro flair to your seasonal decor this year — what was once considered ”old” is today consider to be on fleek. In less than a week, you can accomplish the project of weaving a stocking in the colors that complement your home decor. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY Embellished Holiday Stockings

3. DIY Embellished Holiday Stockings: Sometimes, no-sew stockings are the way to go. Here at Brit HQ, we have a few festive ideas to quickly embellish your stocking with little to no sewing required. Simply grab a few baubles, gems and ribbon, and we’ll guide you the rest of the way. (via Brit + Co)

SantaSockCentral Dog Christmas Stocking

4. SantaSockCentral Dog Christmas Stocking ($80): Whether your pup needs a stocking or you’re just a ”crazy dog lady,” this knit doggy-inspired stocking will do the trick. However, if it is indeed for your pooch, we can assume that he’ll do plenty of tricks while awaiting treats inside the knitted sock.

DIY Cactus Christmas Stocking

5. DIY Cactus Christmas Stocking: The Grinch does not have to be the only green, prickly presence in the room during the holidays. Be kitschy, collected and cool with a red and green take on a cactus-inspired stocking. What do you put inside a cactus stocking — one of those cute paper umbrellas? (via My Poppet)

OurLittleMesses Christmas Stockings

6. OurLittleMesses Christmas Stockings ($38): Sometimes it’s nice to skip the trends and return to traditional Christmas roots with red and green decor. The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but these crafty socks have stolen our hearts.

DIY Fruity Christmas Stockings

7. DIY Fruity Christmas Stockings: Pineapples, watermelons and strawberries — oh my! A surprising fruity twist to your holiday mantle could be a refreshing take for when Santa shimmies down the chimney. But leave him a note that, just because you have a fruity stocking, doesn’t mean he should skip the chocolate goodies. (via My Poppet)

Converse-Inspired Christmas Stocking

8. CreationzByCatherine Converse-Inspired Stocking ($35+): If there was ever an official ”hipster stocking,” this would be it. Imagine hanging up your kicks on December 24, then waking up Christmas morning to find all the cool stocking stuffers the man in red left you.

Upcycled Wallpaper Sample Christmas Stocking Gift Pouch

9. Upcycled Wallpaper Sample Christmas Stocking Gift Pouch: Birds of a feather decorate together. This trendy yet eco-friendly Christmas stocking DIY is not only chic but good for the planet, as the idea is to make the stocking out of wallpaper samples. Pretty nifty, right? (via My Poppet)

Tassled Christmas Stocking

10. Anthropologie Tassled Stocking ($38): Multicolored tassels were all the rage this past summer. Why not carry the fun tassel trend over into your holiday festivities? Anthropologie has nailed the look, creating a chic tassel-embellished stocking that will look like a gem hanging on your mantle.


11. Urban Outfitter Fringed Holiday Stocking ($59): Get fringed for the holidays. As fringe is still a raging fashion trend, it only makes sense to have your stocking be as stylish as you are. You know what they say, ”Dress up your stocking like you’re gonna blog about it.” We’re pretty sure that saying will catch on this season.


12. Anthropologie Velvet Celtic Stocking ($32): If you’re seeking a fanciful, whimsical and magical stocking straight out of a fairytale, this velvet Celtic stocking has your name on it. Did you see the unicorn embroidery? Sold!


13. TwentyEight12 Personalized Velvet Stockings ($190+, set of five): Nothing screams Christmas more than glistening glitter illuminated by the fireplace. Throw in a few monograms and you are golden. Now combine these Christmas essentials into a series of stockings, and you have one picture-perfect holiday ahead of you.


14. Tees2go Pepperoni Pizza Stocking ($21): Did you say pizza? Forget the glitter! We want pepperoni with extra cheese on our 2016 holiday stocking.


15. DIY Batik Indigo Christmas Stocking: Incorporating an Indonesian technique called Batik into your Christmas decorating groove can add a pretty twist to the traditional holiday decor. Deep, rich indigo tones will certainly pop out from your fireside display, and all of your party guests will want you to make them a set for next year. Happy crafting! (via Brit + Co)

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