9 Creative Wedding Vows That Wow
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9 Creative Wedding Vows That Wow

So you’ve finished writing your vows. Congrats! Now that the hard part is done, we’re going to show you how to incorporate those words of love into your wedding day and beyond. And since you spent countless hours writing what is probably the most epic love letter of your life, why not add some personality and DIY elements to those precious mementos? Here are nine unique wedding vow ideas and keepsakes that will make those vows just a tiny bit more special.

1. Framed Vows: Have your vows picture-perfect during your ceremony and display them on a table at the reception. Then, hang them up in your home afterwards for a constant reminder of the love you share. (via Alina Valitova)

2. Vow Ceremony Backdrop: Dress up your “I dos” with a new and vow-improved ceremony backdrop. (via Poly Mendes Photography)

3. Vow + Ringbox Book ($45): This one’s for all you book lovers! Incorporating this vow + ringbox book from The Knot Shop will add a quirky touch to your ceremony.

4. Vow Table Runner: For truly one-of-a-kind reception tables, handwrite your vows on the table runners. (via Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography)

5. Calligraphed Vow Wedding Cake: How sweet is this? Calligraphed wedding cakes are a new trend that we’re totally in love with. And can you blame us? (via Melanie Gabrielle Photography)

6. His + Hers Vow Journals ($28): These cute little keepsakes are perfect for scribbling your heartfelt vows in.

7. Hand-Embroidered Vow Handkerchief: Now this is an ambitious DIY project, and we mean ambitious! Blogger Megan Van Spie of Lilac Saloon spent 60 hours hand-embroidering vows (while putting her Netflix subscription to good use at the same time, of course). Her hard work obviously paid off — what a lovely keepsake. (via Lilac Saloon)

8. Hand-Embroidered Vow Decor Pillow: Speaking of hand-embroidery (the DIY vow possibilities really are endless), how amazing is this hand-embroidered, heart-shaped pillow? (via Flickr)

9. Vow Shadowbox Frame: Lastly, if you have a ceremony program or vow booklet, we can’t think of a better way to display your nuptials than with a custom shadowbox frame ($101+). (via Bridal Fantasy)

What is your favorite way of incorporating your wedding vows on your special day? Share your favorites with us!