When you’re in pain it’s hard to focus on, well, anything. Even just walking to your car can feel like climbing Mount Everest. And staying focused in a meeting with a sore back? Forget about it. Chronic pain plagues one in three Americans. From injury flare-ups to non-stop pain, many people are navigating their lives around their pain and popping pain meds just to try and deal with it. But that’s no way to be. The thing is, even if you can’t actually fix the thing that is causing you the pain, you can fix it by making your body think it isn’t there. If your brain never gets a pain signal, then you never feel the pain, and that’s how Cur works.

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Cur is a TENS device — that’s Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This pain-therapy technology has been used a lot in medical offices, but Cur is the first one that’s available for everyone to use at home with no side effects. Like, zero.


It works by sending a non-painful electrical current to your brain before that pesky pain signal gets a chance to. You can literally feel the effects in seconds. It looks like a large Band-Aid, except with a techy upgrade. Cur is smart and it adjusts to your personal pain needs as they come because it’s self-calibrating. You can further adjust the settings using the app.


Cur is not only a solution for your pain, but it’s a solution to your reliance on pain medication. Without pain distracting you from your life, you’re able to feel like a totally new person. With Cur, you can even tackle some physical therapy more comfortably without having to wince through it. Yoga, anyone?


So what’s the status on this pain-nixing miracle strip? It’s still in the process of getting FDA approval, but you can pre-order one now for $149 and expect to get it this winter. Compared to the $10K you’d spend on a full-on TENS machine the doctors use, this sounds like a great investment.

So are you a Cur convert now? We’d love to hear how you tackle your pain in the comments!

(Photos via Cur)