You might be living out your dream as a blogger, graphic designer, photo editor or app developer. Perhaps what you didn’t anticipate was all of the sitting you would have to do, and that you don’t always think about your posture. Well, not until it’s too late, and you’re already dealing with that lower back pain, shoulder tension or sciatica. Well, now there’s a new, preventative tool. It stops the pain at the source, and it’s called BetterBack.


We mentioned BetterBack in our 11 Crowding Projects We’re Loving Right Now, but we were so excited about it, we needed to talk about it in depth. BetterBack gives you the option to say goodbye to those trips to the physical therapist and the chiropractor. They’re making something you can just slip into, like your most comfortable shoes.

backpain 5

They didn’t skimp on design either. It folds up perfectly to about the size of a laptop. So, slip it into your purse or your backpack and count yourself two steps ahead of back pain.We would proudly carry this around — no muss, no fuss, just one sleek pack we can set on our passenger seats or carry under our arms, straight up to our office.


So why should you go to such lengths just to sit up straight? Posture impacts more than your back. You might not always think of it, but it can impact your energy levels, mood and digestion. Yes, digestion. All that slumping over is keeping your body from accomplishing the basic tasks it needs to do to keep it healthy. Good thing we know a way to give your back a hand.

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Not only does this brace provide instant relief, it also trains your back for situations when it’s just not practical to bring your BetterBack with you. No one expects you to bring it along on that beach trip you’ve been planning all year. We think by then you can train your back to maintain perfect posture, making your summer portraits that much more amazing.


Did we mention they’ve already blown their Kickstarter goal way, way out of the water? Still, it’s not too late for you to get involved. You can help out with a donation of just $1, or you can go up a tier to just $49 and be one of the first to get one of these little lifesavers.

Do you suffer from back pain? What’s been the most effective treatment for you? Let us know in the comments!