It’s time for students to head back to school, and amidst all the education-themed Pinterest crafts and homework apps to keep you on track, you’re probably having flashbacks of penmanship classes. For some of us, mastering cursive was like climbing our own personal Everest — and handwriting still isn’t our strong suit. Thank god for word processing! But it turns out all that practice with cursive may have *actually* made you smarter.

Recently, Academic Therapy, a psychiatric journal, published a study that showed kids who were taught to write in cursive in first grade scored higher than their peers on reading and spelling tests. The study says the high scores may have something to do with the “continuity of movement in cursive,” which allows the writer to view the word as a whole rather than cut up individual letters.

With this new evidence about the benefits of learning cursive, perhaps it’s time to re-think the benefits of penmanship classes. Handwriting is actually about more than simply being legible.

Hey adults, maybe you could try juicing up your thinking with a hand-lettering class too.

What’s one thing you used in elementary school that helps you on the daily? Tell us in the comments!