What can we say, we’re suckers for a good throwback (ahem, did you catch our glittery ‘90s-themed site makeover for April Fools’ Day?). So it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re totally diggin’ Daft Punk’s new retro-themed merchandise posters that are currently featured on the group’s website.

The digital prints done up by the the French electronic duo read like ‘70s-era ads — washed out, grainy and just a touch sexed-up. They each cleverly promote a piece of brand spankin’ new Daft Punk merch, including a belt buckle, a poster and a handful of tees.

Oohh, Pharrell’s visage is even featured on this movie-style poster that’s actually sold in full-color. Looks like his hat didn’t make the cut, though :/

The robots didn’t just get lucky with this mix of boogyin’ babes and Star Wars-y graphics — they jive perfectly with the group’s affinity for blending disco-inspired beats with futuristically filtered vocals like you hear on the Grammy-winning Random Access Memories. Instant classics? We think so!

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