Oh, awards show style. It can’t help but be monumental, and what better example of this than Pharrell’s unbelievably strange structured hat on the Grammys this year? Strange hatwear is obviously the new… wardrobe malfunction.

Oh and guess what? You can stay up to date on the happenings of this hat by following Pharrell’s Hat on Twitter. Yes. On Twitter.

Here are some things Pharrell’s hat looked like: a hat that belongs to a Canadian Mountie, the Arby’s Logo, and, of course, Yosemite Sam’s iconic topper.

Now, onto the topic at hand. 10 hot hats that will make Pharrell totally jeal’ ;)

1. Scout Panama Hat ($39): First up, a hat for your inner Indiana Jones. This could also be key for surviving the hot desert sun of Coachella.

2. Leather Trimmed Rancher ($48): Think of yourself as a pioneer… even though it’s 2014?

3. Rust Lone Rider Wool Hat ($38): If a hat was a high top, this is what it would look like. (See also: Dionne’s hat collection in Clueless.)

4. Casino Hat ($139): This furry option is decidedly strange, but we think Pharrel’s cohorts in Daft Punk would totally rock it when they feel like going sans helmet.

5. Brixton Avenue Hat ($55): Blossom called, she wants her signature style back.

6. Franklin Bowler Hat ($32): Love this update to the bowler.

7. Jemma Wool Hat ($44): The art of the floppy hat has been on my list of “to try and make work” ever since I bought my first vintage flopper in 11th grade. I still haven’t figured out how to make it work… but maybe this is the week to bring it back ;)

8. Stevie Wool Hat in Wine ($30): This must be named after Stevie Nicks, right? You can go your own way…

9. Dome Hat in Mink ($294): Take this hat straight to your dome… and then moonlight as a mountie.

10. Fringeloop Felt Rancher ($58): And finally, a more free-spirited number made of felt.

What do you think of Pharrell’s hat? What other Grammy styles made you look? Talk to us in the comments below.