Is a wee break in your work for a viral video totally vital to get you through the Hump that is Wednesday? Us too, which is why we’re so glad we clicked upon this uber creative, goosebump-inducing video that might give you inspiration for your next mini movie, or memory-banking project.

Dutch filmmaker (and proud papa) Frans Hofmeester shot short videos of his daughter Lotte once a week and spliced them together to create a beautiful time lapse portrait that documented her from birth (October 28, 1999!) to today. Watch below and be prepared to be inspired. And maybe cry a little at the end…

Augh. Beautiful, right? And such a great idea. Hofmeester said he wanted to document what his daughter looked like as she grew to keep his memories of her intact. “Other people might make a photo book,” he explained on his website. “I decided to film.” What he captured was a 14-year mashup of retainers and medals, glasses, different hairstyles and changing moods as Lotte goes from wide-eyed baby to long-haired, brace-faced beauty. Our gen may get the blame for our techy ways, but, hey, we weren’t the ones busting out the big, bulky, VHS-recording “camcorder” at our 2nd bday, that was all mom and pop! Here’s the video of his son Vince, from birth to 11-years-old in four minutes:

Now that it’s 2014, we don’t think a GoPro in the crib (!!) would really be that weird, but you could easily do a project like the above on your smartphone with or without sound. Or take all those Instagrams you snap of your little one and put them to music in mini-movie form. Going to a shower anytime soon? Instead of a photo album or scrapbook, it might be better to bring the expecting parent a gadget or app gift card so they can get started on their little one’s high school graduation video right away ;)

Do you have a unique video project you’ve done to document your baby getting bigger? Share below!