Las Vegas AKA 鈥淭he City of Sin鈥 is usually accompanied with a reputation for gambling, drinking and non-stop partying, but tonight the city was the setting for a big event that鈥檚 a little bit different than it鈥檚 regularly scheduled programming: the first democratic debate. Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O鈥橫alley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee faced off in a discussion moderated by Anderson Cooper that covered hot topics like wealth inequality, the importance of small business and gun control.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Hold First Debate In Las Vegas

If you missed the debate or you want to relive the night in 140 characters or less, here are X of our favorite tweets posted throughout the evening.

Katie Couric decided to kick the debate chat off by sharing a fun fact about Hilary.

Sheryl opened up the debate by singing the National Anthem. It seems she wouldn鈥檛 have been Billy鈥檚 first pick.

Oh snap! You tell 鈥檈m, Secretary Clinton.

Never one to sugar coat things, Michael Moore chimed in with a short PSA.

Of course, Olivia Pope made sure things went along smoothly.

New York Times鈥 culture reporter, Dave Itzkoff, was apparently not so impressed.

Bill hung back in the hotel room and watched the night unfold like the rest of us.

Thank you, Bustle for introducing us to our new favorite candidate.

When Webb got a little upset about waiting his turn, Chief Economic Correspondent and Morning Money columnist Ben White knew exactly how he felt.

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