It’s that time of the year again: flight deals, hotel packages, figuring out travel buddies, logistics and, most importantly, where to go. If you’re thinking of staying domestic, WalletHub recently released a list to ease your traveling woes. They analyzed airfare costs, flight times and number of attractions to determine the best and worst summer travel destinations in the U.S. Check out the lists below and get ready to plan that next summer vacay.

Best Cities For Summer Travel

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

2. Orlando, Florida

3. Atlanta, Georgia

4. Phoenix, Arizona

5. Salt Lake City, Utah

6. Austin, Texas

7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

8. Dallas, Texas

9. Los Angeles, California

Vegas ranks on top because of its diversity of attractions, and Orlando trails at a close second for its fantastic weather. Hit up Arizona and Utah if you’re looking for ease of travel, Washington D.C. if you want to hang out at beautiful parks and Texas for its affordability (and barbecue!).

Worst Cities For Summer Travel

1. Bridgeport, Connecticut

2. New Haven, Connecticut

3. Providence, Rhode Island

4. Syracuse, New York

5. Worcester, Massachusetts

6. Rochester, New York

7. Albany, New York

8. Hartford, Connecticut

9. North Port, Florida

10. Allentown, Pennsylvania

From the looks of it, the Northeast Coast doesn’t have a strong appeal in terms of summer travel. Maybe it’s that humid summer weather? Stay away from Connecticut and New York and head to the Southeast instead for some tropical ocean fun.

Where are you off to this summer? Share below!

(h/t Wallethub and photos via Bruce Bennett, Stephen Dunn and Christopher Capozziello/Getty)