Mic check. Listen up: It’s time to make your playlistyours again. We’re talking never listening to Spotify and having Nickelback or “Friday” pop up out of nowhere. No hip-hop when you’re a country fan or country when you’d rather be jamming out to classic rock. With Denied, a new app coming to Macs in mid-September, you can block out all the bad noise from your work-time soundtrack or party playlist.

Here’s how it works: Denied monitors your Spotify while you’re listening to automatically skip any song you’ve programmed to filter out. That means Top 40 playlists don’t have to include Miley if she’s not your thing. Come summer time, Spotify radio doesn’t have to infuse your eardrums with the latest beach track if you’d rather be grooving to something else at your desk.

Use the app’s filters to list artists, songs or albums you dislike. You can even specify keywords you want them to avoid. Then, without skipping a beat, Denied skips over that track on Spotify’s playlist and moves on to the next song you actually want to hear. It’s like… the anti-Shazam!

If you want to see how much you’ve been skipping, turn on the app’s notifications. You’ll be able to see just how on or off Spotify was that day, plus how many times an artist or song has been skipped. And of course… if you happen to be hosting a party for mom and need that ’70s music back on, access granted. Just remember to turn Denied back on after the party’s over! Sign up to be an early user here.

Rocking out at work? Tell us what songs your jamming out to and what you’d like to skip below or on Twitter!