Spring cleaners, you heard it here first: stylish storage options are just a DIY away, and these 22 basket projects prove that it’s totally true. Whether you make it from scratch or amp up and existing open-air vessel, these bins—big and small—will add a pop of personality to any room AND double as the most covetable Easter baskets around!

1. Embroidered Basket: This clear grid basket just went from boring to totally boss thanks to the threaded chevron pattern. Add a neon tassel for flair because, why not? (via The Red Thread)

2. Leather Wrapped Basket Handles: We’re nuts about this home decor hack that uses scraps of leather from beat up boots and double sided tape to make grippy leather handle covers. Home hack FTW! (via Grey Luster Girl)

3. Color Block Crochet Baskets: Set the spray paint aside: learn how to incorporate a bright color block pattern into your crochet basket from step one. (via My Poppet)

4. Chalkboard Baskets: Add a chalkboard painted panel to the front of your fave basket to create a commitment free storage unit—just remember to erase and re-label when you change up your stash! (via BasicallyBrandy)

5. Neon Thread T-Shirt Coil Bowls: Learn how to knot neon thread around scrap jersey fabric (an old t-shirt would do!) to make these seriously killer bowls. Keep coilin’ round and round to achieve legit basket status. (via The Red Thread)

6. Rainbow Nesting Baskets: We’re nuts about the idea of making rainbow hued nesting baskets that progress color by color as the baskets get larger and larger. Take this project to chic new levels and make the set an awesome ombre. (via Tuts+)

7. Tribal Print Painted Basket: Yep, we’re still obsessed with our color block tribal print basket. You won’t believe how easy it is to make: just grab painters tape and two bold paint colors and you’re good to go. (via Brit + Co.)

8. Veneer Votive Basket: Mini votive baskets? How cute! Especially when they’re dolled up with white veneer and a wooden handle. They’re the perfect size for stashing jellybeans, tiny DIY supplies, or even plants! (via Paper & Stitch)

9. Painted Berry Baskets: Gold spray paint is a girl’s best friend. It’s a fact: it can add instant glam to nearly anything, from industrial tool cart turned bar cart to simple berry baskets. Just give ‘em a spray and now, they’re perfect desk organizers. (via Lovely Indeed)

10. Gold Dipped Baskets: Here’s another instance where the above rings true. See how these gold “dipped” baskets double as stylin’ storage and chic centerpieces! (via Brit + Co.)

11. Color Block Coiled Rope Basket: We’re totally taken with this spin on a basic rope basket: just twist thin neon cord around various rope segments to create cool abstract color blocks. (via Design*Sponge)

12. Beachcomber Basket: If you’re ever gifted a frilly basket that’s not your style, this DIY proves that there’s still hope for it! The hot glued rope makes it look like something straight out of Pottery Barn—well done, you! (via Celebrate Creativity)

13. Dyed Heirloom Basket: Rainbow dyed raffia adds an extra special pop to this heirloom-style basket.There’s a bit of dis- and reassembly in this project, so bookmark it as a weekend DIY. (via A Subtle Revelry)

14. Metallic Baskets: Talk about a blingin’ makeover! We give two thumbs up to metallic silver spray paint! (via Remodelista)

15. Folded Leather Basket: The combination of rustic leather and sharp fastened folds has us swooning hard. We’d paint some gold polka dots to this simple number to add some glam. (via Between the Lines)

16. Geo-Painted Woven Basket: We only have one thing to say: bring on the geometric basket inspo! (via Craft Hunter)

17. Crochet Heart Storage Baskets: Over circles and done with squares? Try out a more unique basket design like these heart shaped pieces. Give one to your S.O. or BFF as a “just because” gift. (via My Poppet)

18. Woven Magazine Basket: Of all the ways to repurpose magazines, this woven basket might be the most impressive. We’re loving the random color scheme the glossies give this bin. (via Piece of Dzela)

19. Nesting Rope Bowls: If you ever need to curb your color obsession, give these neutral rope baskets a try. While they’re not the most vivid of the bunch, the mix of manilla rope and speckled paracord is ultra modern. (via Brit + Co.)

20. Neon Dipped Basket: Do the dip with neon! It might seem like a scary proposition at first, but now that you see the tricked out basket in all its glory, who wouldn’t tote this head turner around town? (via Escarabajos Bichos y Mariposas)

21. Neon Rope Baskets: So we’ve shown you a slew of baskets and bowls made of rope, but this last set is super mind blowing. Just look at those sexy shapes! The pops of neon threading have our hearts beating fast. (via The Work is Getting to Me)

22. Bunny Basket: And finally, a basket extremely fit for the season. Make this cute as a button bin out of just two materials: cardboard and duct tape. (via Mer Mag)

Which baskets would you make? Or would you rather amp up an existing vessel DIY-style? Make any cool home decor projects lately? Tell us about them in the comments below!