When it comes to planning a wedding, things can definitely add up. So why not get more organized and make your very own centerpieces at the same time? This simple hack is handy, and won’t leave you with 20 useless (albeit, beautiful) vases or planters after the wedding. Best of all, these lovely bins are available at Target, our partner for this week’s DIY wedding project.

 woven storage bins

– flowers

large mason jars

– gold spray paint

– silver kabob skewers

– gold house numbers

 – painter’s tape

– hot glue gun

We started with some gorgeous basket-style storage bins we picked up at Target. Since baskets don’t hold water particularly well, we snuck four mason jars in each basket to hold the flowers. More on that in a moment!

First, let’s get some gilded baskets up in here. Tape around the center of your basket. Spray paint the bottom half, creating a gold-dipped look. We sprayed the bottom as well to make the whole look complete.

Peel off the tape, and revel in that clean line.

Here are a couple of the finished baskets. These just might become a staple around the DIY supply shelves here at Brit HQ.

Next, it’s time to put the flowers in the baskets. We placed four mason jars in each basket, and created a sort of grid using painter’s tape. This will keep the flowers standing up, and will help you fill your basket. It’s a great hack for those who are arranging flowers without floral foam.

Getting there…!

Onto the last piece of the puzzle. To create table numbers, we simply glued brass house numbers onto metal kabob skewers. So simple!

Place a number in each arrangement, and you’re just about done.

Voila! Now, we just need to start setting the tables ;)

The best part of all of this is that your centerpieces aren’t just for your wedding. After the big day, use them to organize odds and ends around your home, and give a little chic love to those basic white bookshelves.

What cool or innovative wedding centerpieces or decor items have you seen and bookmarked? Tell us in the comments below.

The Ultimate DIY Wedding Series is brought to you by Target. Find more wedding inspiration on our Dream Wedding Pinterest board for Target.