We love all the geometric patterns that are in style for spring fashion, and the woven baskets trend sweeping all the interior design showrooms, so why not combine them into a dream storage solution? Just take color samples from the intended room for the basket (like pillows, curtains, sheets, etc) to any paint store and have custom colors mixed to match. It’s a perfectly pretty place to stow away all that dirty laundry. What will you put in yours?

 – 1 basket with lid

– 2 colors of paint

– 1 paint brush

– 1 roll painter’s tape

Start by coming up with a design and marking it off with your tape.

If you want to follow our design, wrap 5 strips of tape horizontally around the basket, and 2 around the lid in the spots shown. Spacing doesn’t have to be exact, but the top 2 rows should be equal.

Next add the vertical pieces of tape on the basket and lid, as shown.

It’s best to paint on your lighter color first; here we used bright chartreuse. We recommend doing two light coats of each color. Do not glob on the paint so it’s dripping and really thick or the paint will drip under the tape.

Next paint on the blue in the spots shown. Feel free to experiment with your own simple geometric designs by playing with the placement of the tape.

Let the paint dry completely and remove the Painter’s Tape. Ta-dah! (Expert Tip: Depending on the weave of the basket you choose, some of the natural fibers tend to shed. If this happens, just seal it by painting a thin layer of clear wood varnish over entire basket.)

What other colors would you paint on your baskets? What will you store in yours? If you try this project, be sure to send us photos via Facebook or Twitter.