Got keys, loose change, and other odds and ends in desperate need of a stylish handmade home? We thought so. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to hack our own set of nesting bowls or baskets… using nothing but rope and hot glue!

 – rope

– hot glue

 – scissors

– hot glue gun

We found our rope at the hardware store, but Amazon has a pretty solid collection as well.

With your first bit of rope, squeeze a drop of hot glue on and spiral the rope so that it attaches to itself. Keep doing this with dabs of glue and start to angle your rope upward to create a bowl shape.

If you’re feeling fancy, add in a different type of rope for a little accent. Simply cut off the first rope, glue on the second, and continue on your spiral journey.

But wait, what about a third rope?! Do the same and continue upward. Then simply snip and glue at the end when your bowl is the size you want. Magic!

We made 5 bowls total, some with only one type of rope, some with two, and so on. Each bowl takes just 10 minutes to make – it’s that easy.

Use them for pencils, headphones, tennis balls, or more rope!!

Have you tried making your own bowls or baskets? What other DIY basics would you like to see us tackle here at Brit + Co? Talk to us in the comments below.