You could be a DIY addict who’s always searching Pinterest for your next project or someone finally looking to unleash your creativity now that you’ve got your little one inspiring you. Whether or not you crafted your own custom wedding vows booklet and wowed friends and fam with colorful maternity photos, now that baby’s arrived, it’s your chance to introduce them in an equally unique way! Why email some bland announcement when you could get crafting and make one at home? Take a quick break from mommy-ing and check out these completely creative ideas to make those birth announcements your own.


1. Doable Design: Maybe you don’t have a fancy image editor on your laptop and you’re not exactly the queen of fonts — no problem! You get to play graphic designer for the day anyway. Free photo editing sites such as PicMonkey or Canva are set up so anyone can come out looking like a pro. Pick one of the baby photos that’s jam-packed the storage space on your phone to use as the base of an awesomely adorable announcement. Drop in your picture, add overlays and experiment with the fab fonts the site has on offer. You can keep things simple with your baby’s stats or go for more flair with additions like balloons or an artistic border.

2. Stationery Swaddle: Kick up the creativity with a cloth-covered announcement! Cut heavy cardstock to the size you want, either after you’ve added a message (and an adorable photo) with a printer or before you write it by hand. Now comes the cute part: “Swaddle” the card with pieces cut from a spare receiving blanket or another thin, soft piece of fabric. Fold the cloth around the card, and secure it in the front with a pastel safety pin.


3. Teeny-Tiny Footprints: Gently cover the soles of your baby’s feet with tempera or non-toxic finger paint. “Walk” their painted piggies up and down a piece of poster board (or a few, depending on how many announcements you want to hand out). After the paint dries, cut the board apart into individual cards. Add baby’s name, birth info and anything else you want. (Don’t forget to wash the rest of the paint off your little love’s tootsies!)

4. Wish You Were Here: It’s a baby-cation! Well, you do get time off from your job, even though it’s not to sit on the beach and sip margaritas. Pick out the cheesiest, silliest postcards you can find (think hilarious beach photos or kooky designs). Add your baby to the scene by printing their face (or even a full-length pose) onto stickers or labels, then peeling or patting them somewhere fun on the front of each card. On the back, address it and add details like their birth date, length, weight and name. And, bonus, you don’t even need an envelope!

5. Daring Diapers: Caution: This one is only for friends and family who share your sense of humor. Great-Aunt Millie who expects the announcement to arrive on calligraphed stationery won’t appreciate it (at all). Start by printing out your baby’s info onto a cute little card. Spare a few newborn-sized diapers (the cute ones, with the cartoon waistbands), and glue the card to the outside. If you really want to commit to the gag, print the card on yellow paper and glue it inside. (Remember, this is only for your funny friends.)


6. Name Tag Intro: You’ve already taken at least a zillion pictures of your kiddo, so a few more will be no trouble at all. Get a “Hello, My Name Is ____” sticker. Write in your new family member’s name, attach it to their outfit or the blanket they’re wrapped in, and snap a pic. Print it on thick paper, with the details either added to the photo using a graphic design program or hand-written on the back for a more personal touch.

7. Holiday Hijinks: What holiday is the closest to your baby’s birthday? You can use it to inspire the theme for their birth announcement! Let’s say they were born right around Valentine’s Day. Cut out a red heart, glue it to a doily, and turn it into a “valentine” that shares all the deets on your new cutie.

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