Give us a platform and we鈥檒l go on for days about how Pinterest changed the way we do DIY projects.聽We鈥檙e all aware of Pinterest鈥檚 search tool and how it suggests similar searches. (Who among us has not gotten stuck in a Pinterest wormhole with this tool?) According to a Pinterest engineer, users see 55 ideas, on average, every time they search something.聽But whether or not you鈥檝e been aware of changes Pinterest has made over the past two years, the network has been quietly at work completely revamping the way we find projects.

Pinterest app on iPad

For the last two years, the image-based social platform has been refining their search to make it easier than ever to use. Pinterest search is two times faster than before, which means you can find projects in half the time. Also, search recs are also given according to your preferences, meaning that it will see what you鈥檝e already loved and recommend similar projects.

Basically, Pinterest search is really, really smart.聽And now, the search engine has gotten even smarter with聽major game-changer: Pinterest鈥檚 visual search launch. If you haven鈥檛 tried this feature yet, you need to. It聽lets you聽highlight a part of an image you聽particularly love, and Pinterest will scour the site for anything similar. If you see a pair of shoes you love, visual search will look up similar styles聽at all different price points.聽

Get聽ready to find your next fave project or #OOTD.

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(h/t TechCrunch, Photo via iStock)