We admit it. In the past, we weren’t quite sure how we felt about… well, felt. It’s been involved in its fair share of twee projects. But here at Brit + Co., we know that most materials have an underlying awesomeness to them. To prove it, a lineup of felt’s best looking DIYs.

1. Three Bead Necklace: Felted balls on a string –– we all know it makes for a fine garland. Turns out, it makes for a fine necklace too. (via A Living Space)

2. Simple Coffee Cozie: Cardboard coffee sleeve what? This quick project will have you going green and looking smart while making your morning java run. (via The Purl Bee)

3. Headband With Bow: Got a boring headband laying around? How about glue gun? And we’ll assume the head is intact? Great, finish it off with a bow, and you’re good to go. (via It’s Always Autumn)

4. Organizer Baskets: Speaking of all those bits and bobs (headbands, 3D-printed ornaments, statement necklaces, etc,) this project will help you organize all those other projects. (via Lil’ Luna)

5. Geometric Heart Garland: You wouldn’t normally consider yourself a heartbreaker, but sometimes making a clean break with the aid of an Xacto is one of the best things you’ll ever do. (via How About Orange)

6. Reusable Hanging Advent Calendar: This year is a wash, but get started on this dandy dangler now, and next December? Next December you’ll be self-gifting every loving day of the month. (via The Sweet Escape)

7. Chunky Bracelet: Calling all knit wits. Arm yourself with those needles, and you’ll soon arm yourself with a big, bold bracelet. (via Kanelstrand)

8. Heart Coasters: We’re not sure these puffy little hearts would make the best coasters ever, but that doesn’t make them any less swoon-worthy. (via Insideways)

9. Ball Doily: Lace, you’ve been replaced. And the new version of you is looking mighty fine. (via Small Good Things)

10. Crowns: We can see these head toppers making their way to many a holiday dinner, birthday party, or everyday office work. Hey, why not? (via Hello Bee0

11. Bow Napkin Rings: Christmas is coming, and gasp! You haven’t a ring to wrap a single solitary napkin in. Well, looky here. A tutorial just for your woes. (via Minted Strawberry)

12. Goldenrod Wreath: Doors, they really are underappreciated. They keep the cold out. They keep the warm in. They even let you slam them from time to time. It deserves a little something in gratitude. (via Tiffany Zajas Photography)

13. Snowball Ornament: Duck! Kidding. But if you did have a snowball fight with these 3D, icy doppelgängers, we’re guessing it would be the sweetest and less dramatic winter war you’ve ever been in. (via The Purl Bee)

14. Knotted Felt & Leather Garland: You guys might remember this little number we DIY-ed up with a little Anthro inspiration. We’re here to say: We’re still pretty pleased with the results. (via Brit + Co.)

15. Sweet & Practical iPad Sleeve: Gadgets, you’ve got them in spades. It goes without saying, you spent a pretty penny on them. And while we hate to channel our mothers too often, please remember to take care of your things… dear. (via Mollie Makes)

16. Gumball Coasters: These coasters look like they’re laden with gumballs. Do not try to chew them. We repeat: Do not try to chew them. (via Under Lock & Key)

17. Lattice Pillow: You could do this West Elm-inspired pillow in most any color you want, but we have to say, we’re crushing pretty hard on Goldenrod felt. (via Persia Lou)

18. Fuzzy Rocks: Everyone needs a good fuzzy rock in their life. Why? Because… umm… well… okay, they just look cute in a bowl on the coffee table, alright? (via Design Sponge)

19. iPhone Sleeves: Yes, it holds your iPhone. But what’s more exciting is that it also has a little pocket for credit cards, cash, or bus passes. Go ahead and leave that handbag at home. (via Poppytalk)

20. Modular Trivet: You guys. Get this. No sewing machine, needle and thread, or glue gun was used in the making of this trivet. If you really like the look, it’s easy to add pieces to turn it into a full-fledged tablecloth. Brilliant. (via How About Orange)

21. Geometric Coasters: Geometry was never a passion of ours, but looking at these shapely table-savers, we’re reconsidering our stance on the subject. (via Ciera Design)

22. Felted Soap: You might be asking yourself, “What’s the point.” You’ve obviously never showered with felted soap, our friend. (via Thistlewood Farms)

23. Striped Pencil Pots & Planters: We hate to brag, but dang! Did we ever DIY up one rad office pencil holder that doubles as a planter or what?! (via Brit + Co.)

24. Heart Elbow Patch: Stabbing a needle repeatedly into a wool heart might not sound very nice, but the results are very, very nice. (via Honestly WTF)

Feeling felt? Let us know which wooly tutorial is your fave by posting a comment below!