During the holidays, we’re always looking for ways to add a bit of sparkle to our get up. If you want to go all-out, now’s the time to try on sequined dresses, maxis, and jewel-adorned jumpsuits. But if you’re looking for a more low-key way to channel the glam, you could always amp up your outfit with glitzy accessories. That’s what inspired us to snoop around our supplies room for shiny, stand-out materials to transform into statement jewelry, which is where we found these leftover mirrored mosaic tiles. We used them before to trick out a clear bath set, disco-ball style, but we’re using them in a bit more moderation here, where their shine adds a graphic pop to teal leather “pendants” on a gunmetal chain. Together, they make a necklace that you can totally wear to your next holiday bash. Ready to make an eye-catching entrance?

 – two sizes of mosaic mirror tiles
– teal faux leather

– gunmetal chain

– two 10 mm jump rings
– S clasp

 – hot glue gun + glue

– two pairs of needle nose jewelry pliers

– tape measurer

– pen

1. Arrange your tiles in the drop jewel design of your choice.

2. Measure the width and length of each segment—add 1/2 centimeter/inch to the width so that the tile will be centered on your final piece, and add 3/4ths of a centimeter/inch to the length so that you’ll have room to fold the top of your fabric—then mark those measurements of the back side of the faux leather, then cut into strips.

3. Start with the smaller strips: add hot glue to one end, fold over about 1 1/2 centimeters, and press to secure. Then, add glue to the backs of the smaller tiles and arrange on the faux leather according to your design. Let fully dry.

4. Move on to the larger pieces: add hot glue to one end, fold over about 1/2 inch, and press to secure. Then, add glue to the backs of the larger and smaller tiles and arrange on the faux leather according to your design. Let fully dry.

5. Add an S clasp and jump ring to one end of the chain and slide on the leather pendants.

6. Measure the chain around your neck so that it falls like a collar. Cut the chain at the appropriate length, then add a jump ring to the other end and rock at your next holiday party!

Start by arranging your tiles into a drop pendant design. To keep it clean and easy, align them vertically. Then, measure the width and length of each “pendant” and add a smidge more space to either side so that your tiles look centered (you can see we’re pointing to our roomy final measurements above). This adds some extra space around the tiles for the faux leather to pop. After that, measure the length of each tile group and again, add a bit of room to one end so that when you cut your pendants, you have enough to fold your fabric over so it can hang on your chain. Now mark those measurements on your material.

Once the width and height of each pendant is drawn out, all you have to do is cut, it, out! (Add Uncle Joey hand motions as you read that, please).

Now, add hot glue to the end of the back side of your fabric and fold over (we marked a fold line our fabric to give ourselves an easy visual cue). Then, glue on your mirror tiles according to your design.

Once the small guys are done, move on to the big ones! We placed the larger center tiles on first to give us a centering point to work from. Then add the accent tiles all around. We didn’t want to cover up all of the faux leather’s rich teal color, so we only added two-to-five tiles per pendant. The minimal design makes the necklace look clean and modern.

Once the glue has dried on each pendant, start to assemble your necklace! Use your needle nose jewelry pliers to attach an S clasp and jump ring to one side, then slide on your pendants. When they’re all on, hold the necklace up against your neck to find a good length—we kept the chain super short so that the pendants would act like a shimmering collar. Then cut your chain to size and attach the final jump ring.

And that’s it! It certainly pops against our white tabletop, so it’s sure to jazz up a simple holiday getup.

The reflective tiles draw your eyes right to the necklace, which is a serious testament to its shine since I’m also rocking it here with a pretty insane horse-patterned peacoat. It’s an easy way to amp up an all-black ensemble, though this necklace would work on most solid color tops or dresses. Now you’re definitely ready to high-tail it to your next holiday party!

Do you rock ultra glam accessories during the holidays? Have you made any equally blingin’ jewelry that we should know about? Share your projects with us in the comments below!