With the most romantic holiday sneaking up on us, you’ve probably got your Valentine’s Day breakfast, dinnerand dessert all planned out. And your outfit is good to go, right? … well, maybe. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can speed-shop for a fiery red dress or an unconventional neutral. But if you take a more “DIY or die” approach to life, you’re in luck. These handmade heart tights require inexpensive, basic supplies that you might even already own. Throw them on with your favorite skirt or dress, and you’ve got yourself an instant V-day ensemble. PS: Don’t forget about the flirty hairdo and head-turning heels too.



  • — tights
  • adhesive paper
  • metallic fabric paint

 — scissors

— foam brush

— heart-shaped paper punch



1. Cut adhesive paper into rectangles bigger than the punch size, adding an extra ½ to 1 inch to each side.

2. Punch a heart in the middle of each rectangle.

3. Peel away the backing and place the adhesive paper onto the tights. Smooth out any wrinkles or bumps.

4. Apply a thin layer of fabric paint with the foam brush. Let dry for a minute or two, then add another layer to build up the color.

5. Once the paint is completely dry to the touch, carefully peel away the adhesive paper.

6. Repeat, repeat and repeat… until you have all the hearts you can handle. The stencils can be re-used quite a few times. Once one side of the tights is finished, flip the tights over and add more hearts.

  1. Metallic-Heart-Print-Tights03

    It’s important to use very little paint for each application. We promise that a little will go a long way. Loading your brush with too much paint may cause it to seep through the tights, and under the stencil. Instead, your brush should be practically dry. The metallic hearts on these tights were created with just two layers of paint!

  2. Metallic-Heart-Print-Tights-StyledShot01

    To speed up the process, use a greater number of adhesive stencils. Don’t worry if every heart isn’t perfect. When worn, the tights will create a fun and flirty visual that will be sure to turn a few heads! You can add your own personalized spin to this tutorial by using a punch in a different shape. Stars, circles, triangles… you name it. Soon, you’ll have a pair of tights for every holiday.


What color combo would you choose for your tights + metallic paint? Let us know in the comments below!

(Styled photos by Haruka Sakaguchi of The Denizen Co.)