Oh, hearts. Our hearts are on fire, our hearts skip a beat, our hearts belong to you. The season of hearts is right around the corner, and as much as we tend to think heart-adorned clothing can be cheesy, we can’t resist dressing “on theme” for Valentine’s Day. Here are 20 ways to rock this love-ly shape, without looking like a Hallmark card exploded on your outfit.

1. Hearts About Blouse ($32): We know it’s kind of unfair to kick the whole thing off with our favorite pick, but how sweet are those heart cutouts?

2. Pixel Hearts Sweatshirt ($59): Oh hello pixelated hearts. We heart you.

3. Teal Hearts Cardigan ($25): We love mixing and matching patterns and this cardigan would be a great piece to add to our colorful pattern collection.

4. Some Kind of… Cropped Tee ($10): Go for ’90s throwback with this baggy crop top and a grungy pair of boyfriend jeans.

5. Back That Heart Up Tank ($38): This racy number would look great paired with a patterned bralette or with a colorful bikini top for a last minute tropical getaway.

6. Striped Cardigan with Heart Elbow Patches ($46): Preppy meets a touch of romance in the form of this staple piece.

7. Heart Cutout Textured Knit Dress ($69): Doesn’t this just make you want to recreate the Dirty Dancing “ga-gung” scene? You know the one wear they feel each other’s heartbeats? So good. #hungryeyes

8. Cable Knit Over-the-Knee Sock ($14): Britney Spears called, she wants her schoolgirl style back! ;)

9. Acting a Heart Sweater ($64): This oversized sweater looks cozy as ever. Pair it with a pair of black skinny jeans or pleather leggings, and you just went from cozy to fierce.

10. Heart Backs Crop Top ($17): Admittedly, we’re sort of in it for the neon skirt when it comes to this outfit. But that crop top is pretty darn smokin’ too.

11. Heart Pattern Infinity Scarf ($18): Stay warm and snugly in this graphic patterned infinity scarf.

12. Lazy Oaf Heartbreak Tee ($107): Queue up Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker and have yourself a one-person dance party.

13. Little White Lies Swing Dress ($80): We love the drape of this swing dress — it’s chic, flirty, and comfy all at the same time.

14. Loving These Leggings ($28): These would certainly add a punch of style to your next yoga class.

15. Heart Fairisle Scarf ($52): Dear Pocket Scarves, We love everything about you. Love, Brit + Co.

16. Shimmer Twins Treasure Lashes ($24): Whoa now! Yeah that’s right, these are lashes with heart confetti attached right on ’em.

17. Red Hearts Loose Jumper ($21): We love the sort of goofy silhouette of this jumper, with tight arms and a wonky-looking pocket.

18. Broken Heart Cami ($11): Nothing wrong with wearing your heartbreak right on your tank.

19. Love You Heart Top ($38): Yowza — the back of this sweater elevates it to a way more stylish level than it is at first glance.

20. My Heart Skipped Tights ($18): And finally, heart-dotted tights. So cute.

Will you rock any heart-wear this Valentine’s Day? Talk to us in the comments below.