When it comes to getting ready for your Valentine’s Day date, sultry makeup and a killer #ootd are no-brainers. Complete your look with a fun and flirty braid. This versatile style evokes romance and cool-girl vibes, and is usually pretty easy to do yourself (score!). Check out the pretty plaits we found that are perfect for a date night that’ll sweep both of you off your feet.

shoe lace braid

1. Shoelace Braid: We love this chic, low-key look for an active V-Day date, like sledding and hot cocoa. Plus, this would work swimmingly with second-day hair. (via Cosmopolitan)

braids with bangs

2. Braided Bun with Bangs: The many twists and turns of this style makes it look difficult, but we promise if you try it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to pull together. (via A Practical Wedding)

side braid

3. Wrap Braid: This is a braid that our favorite ice queen would rock. Dutch braid your hair, then use your elastic to create this wrap detailing at the end. It’s perfect for chilly February. (via The Beauty Department)

short hair twist

4. Twisted Hair: Short hair, don’t care? Use a braid to pull hair back and show off that pretty face! (via Whippy Cake)


5. Cornrow Pony: Don’t worry, curly girls, straight hair doesn’t get to have all the fun. Cornrow face-framing pieces of hair, then add to a voluminous low pony for a style that’s stunning. (via Seventeen)

bow braid

6. Fishtail Mini Bows: When in doubt, put a bow on it. Give the classic side braid an extra dose of cute when you make these hair bows to break up a fishtail. (via Brit + Co)

braided sock bun

7. Twist Doughnut Bun: All hail the sock bun — sass and style are always emulated in the topknot. Change it up and hide your elastic with twists. (via Join the Mood)

mini fishtail

8. Mini Fishtail Twist: If you evoke bohemian glam at every turn, this is your Valentine’s Day date hair. Loose waves and a strategically placed braid scream romance. Bring on the roses, flower child. (via The Merry Thought)

low braided bun

9. Low Braided Bun: Need to get ready in a hurry? Save yourself some time and style your hair with this two-minute braided bun. (via She Steals)

hairband braid

10. Double Braided Headband: This headband style is taking us on a trip to swoon city. Braids, bangs and a bouffant? Looking good. (via Keiko Lynn)

double braid bun

11. Braided Bun Updo: Double braids on the side give this ‘do a milk-maid vibe, but pulling it back into a chic twist modernizes the look. (via The Beauty Department)


12. Protective Style Updo: No straighteners or chemicals here. Take single braids and twist them into a cool, meta-braided pouf reminiscent of rockabilly style. (via Essence)


13. Twice-Braided Twist: If ponytails are your jam, liven it up by creating a braid within a braid within a pony. It’s harder to say than it is to do; this style is deceptively easy. (via Cosmopolitan)

lace braid updo

14. Lace Braid Updo: We can’t get over how awesome this hair looks. Turn heads with this side-swept and braided style that looks great for a night out and the next day. (via The Wonder Forest)

half braid

15. Half Braid: This cute plait-pony hybrid is a great option for vamping up date night hair with some volume. Paired with a retro dress, we’re sure this would be a winning look. (via Hairstyles-Tutorial)

16. Halo How-to: Do the twist. Follow this video for a uniquely lovely style that’s perfect for a swanky night on the town. (via Youtube)


17. Half-Up Braided Crown: Who needs to wear a tiara when you can braid your way to a crown? Loop two braids at the base of your head and leave the underlying hair for what we know would be Juliet’s go-to coif. (via Joanna Goddard)

Which of these styles do you see yourself rocking on Valentine’s Day? Share a selfie with us on Instagram.