Dress Up Your Keys With 20 DIY Keychains
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Dress Up Your Keys With 20 DIY Keychains

So, you have a totally stylish bag, but when you look inside? One huge disaster. We can relate. One purse staple in particular that is usually a mess is our keys. Well, ratty keychains be damned. Today, we’re taking that cluster from drab to fab with these 20 super chic DIY keychains.

1. Cord Organizer and Keychain: This solves two problems in one: Pretty up your keys and manage those tangly cords. What a genius idea. (via Monsters Circus)

2. Leather Tassel Key Hoops: This classic keychain can be made on the cheap with this tutorial. Bright colors FTW. (via Design Love Fest)

3. Glitter Heart Keychains: This tutorial is not for the faint of heart (pun intended). We love the contrast of the sparkle and the rustic wood. (via Flax and Twine)

4. Beaded Key Circles: There’s hardly a better color combination in the world than gold and mint. This keychain is chic in every sense of the word. (via Love and Notion)

5. Home Keychains: How fitting to have a mini house on your keychain. (via La Maison de Loulou)

6. Macramé Key Lasso: Macramé is all the rage, and we’re on board. This project is small, meaning it’s less time-consuming than other macramé projects. (via Lebenslustiger)

7. Gold Wrapped Tassel Keychains: You will have less trouble losing your keys with these bright colored beauties. How gorgeous are they? (via Miss Renaissance)

8. Leather and Gold Leaf Key Hoops: We think these would pair nicely with our duct tape feather earrings. Accessories of a feather… (via Creative Bug Blog)

9. Paint Stick Keychains: These key holders are simple enough to make, but they will upgrade your keys in a big way. Hooray for that! (via Ruffled)

10. Geometric Leather Key Loops: These geometric leather key loops are right on trend. They will make driving your car that much more fun. (via Lovely Indeed)

11. Personalized Key Wraps: Upgrade your keys with a personalized touch. They will also help identify the owner if lost. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

12. Monogram Keychain: Monograms are always in style. And this glittery and bright number just gave the monogram a beautiful makeover. (via Thanks, I Made It)

13. Cable Organizer Key Wrap: Here is another take on the cord storage/keychain dynamic duo. (via Minted Strawberry)

14. Ombre Key Lassos: Ombre is such a lovely trend. It’s even lovelier on a keychain. (via Twinkle and Toast)

15. Animal Key Embellishments: These little animals are so cute as keychains. It’s a great way to repurpose old toys too. (via Ginger Snaps)

16. Pillow Heart Keychain: Do we heart it? Yes, we do. (via Love Maegan)

17. Leather Feather Key Danglers: We can’t get enough of leather feathers. We especially love this take on them. (via Love Maegan)

18. Feather Keychain: Would you ever guess that part of this keychain was a holiday ornament in its previous life. High fives for upcycling. (via BLDG 25)

19. Rope Key Danglers: This DIY might take you all of five minutes to complete. There’s a fun video tutorial included, too. (via My Lifebox)

20. Leather Shape Keychains: Leather is so chic, and this DIY isn’t trying to tell us anything different. (via Transient Expression)

Are your keys looking drab? Would you do any of these DIYs to make them look fab? Let us know in the comments.