We love a pretty keychain as much as the next person, but since they’re always with us, we’d kind of love it if they could actually do something besides just hold our keys. These 12 keychains combine form and function and let you hold your keys and perform everyday tasks at the same time!

1. Charger ($20): We’re huge fans of being able to keep our devices charged while we’re out and about, but sometimes we just completely blank and forget to bring a charging cord with us to the office. This little device can charge your iPhone or iPad via USB so you can just plug into your computer, without having to borrow a cord from your coworkers.

2. Laser Projection Keyboard (Out of Stock): This keychain fun functions as a Bluetooth keyboard — great for using your tablet on-the-go without having to carry around a bulky keyboard or having to deal with the on-screen version. We’re bummed that it’s out of stock, but we’re guessing you might be able to find it over on eBay.

3. Self Defense ($6): A little extra security as you’re walking around at night, this “guard dog” sits on your keys, turning into an easy to use and effective self defense tool when you fit it around your knuckles. Plus it kind of looks like Batman.

4. Smartphone Stand ($15): Ok, so not technically a keychain, but it goes on your keychain! This little plastic key functions as a stand for your smartphone, allowing you to watch videos or Skype more easily. And in comes in several varieties, for your individual smartphone, as well as a lot of colors!

5. Key Card Holder ($3): If you’re anything like us, you have a bunch of membership key cards floating around your purse. They clutter up your keys, but you can never find them loose in your purse. This will help you organize your Walgreens, Safeway, and gym cards while adding a pop of color to your key ring.

6. Star Trek Laser Pointer ($35): Looking for a way to totally geek out at the office? Grab one of these Star Trek themed laser pointers for your next presentation and you’ll look like a total Trekkie… in a good way!

7. Keyport Slide ($39+): This might be the ultimate key chain. It allows you to store up to 6 keys that will slide out when you need them: no more key rings hanging awkwardly out of your pocket! You can add optional upgrades, including a bottle opener, LED light, and USB flash drive.

8. Guitar USB Flash Drive ($11): There are a lot of USB flash drive keychains out there, but this one makes you look like a total rocker while you store your data.

9. Corkscrew ($10): Everyone has a keychain bottle opener, but for those of us who love wine, we’re often stuck without a way to open it. Not only does this keychain solve that problem, but it looks sleek as well. Nice!

10. ResQme ($35): This is a spring-loaded device designed to shatter tempered glass windows. Basically, if you happen to get stuck in your car in a dangerous situation (underwater, bad wreck, fire), you can get out quickly. It also has an easily accessible blade so you can cut yourself free of your seat belt. I had one of these on my keys in high school and it always made me feel more at ease — plus it comes in cute colors!

11. Robot Headphone Splitter ($15): Care to share your music with a friend? This adorable robot will let you split your headphone jack so two of you can bob along to the same tunes.

12. Shot Glass ($5): Emergency drink time? It’s cool, this keychain has you covered. Just pop it open and you can measure out your liquor to make a cocktail, or just take a shot of tequila! Just don’t use it while you’re also using your car keys!


Sizzling Bacon Keychain ($6): This is a plush bacon keychain that sizzles when you push a button. That is all.

What do you have on your keyring besides, well, keys? Would you use any of these keychains? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.