As much as we may not like to admit it, we all have our scatterbrained days. You know the ones: you wake up, can’t find your keys, leave your wallet on the seat of the cab, and somehow manage to lose your purse during dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if we had someone looking out for us on those days, making sure we have what we need exactly when we need it? While there are a couple of lost-and-found systems out there, the new Tile system might just be our favorite.

The system consists of, well, Tiles, which are small white squares that can clip or stick to anything you own, and an app. You set up your Tiles by pressing a button and then holding them up to your phone. The Tile connects via Bluetooth and adds itself to the app — then you’re ready to get going. Just attach it to anything you don’t want to lose and breathe easy. If you can’t find an item, just check the app and it will let you know when you’re getting close. Not only can you log into the app from other people’s phones, but you can also allow other accounts access to your Tiles — great for the key to the office supply cabinet or the family car.

Do you ever wish you could “call” your keys like you do with your phone when you lose it? Well now you can! Within the app, you can set a specific Tile to ring, making it way easier to find if you’re in the vicinity and it’s hiding just out of sight.

That’s great when you’ve lost something in your apartment, but what if you have no earthly idea where you dropped your keys? Or maybe your bike was stolen. Part of the beauty of Tile is the community. You can mark an item as “lost” and if any Tile user gets close to its location, your app will alert you to where you can find it. The whole process is passive, which means as long as other Tile users have the app installed, they’re basically helping it be on the lookout for your belongings.

Check out their video, too: there’s a kind of adorable, unexpected little romance at the end. You know we’re suckers for that kind of stuff! You can preorder a Tile for $25 and you can order as many as you want — there’s discounts by way of extra Tiles the more you get, so you might want to snag several to keep track of all your belongings. You can use up to ten tiles on one account.