DIY Mobile Phone Cases for Spring
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DIY Mobile Phone Cases for Spring

If you’re like us, your mobile case does more than just protect your phone. You likely have different mobile phone cases for special occasions and even ones that coordinate with various outfits — and you’ve probably DIY’d them all. Whether you aim to a make bold or colorful statement or to slide under the radar, your phone case relates a lot about you and reflects your personal style. There are many ways to customize a phone cover. Some projects require more skill and tools than others. The easiest DIYs start with a plain white case and customize it with markers or adhesive stickers. Or start with a clear case that you can slide photos or printed templates under. The more advanced designs require some modge-podge skills. And the most advanced are for makers with a 3D printer. Here are 25 inventive cases that you can DIY, from beginner to pro.

Over at Etsy, Clare glued pressed flowers to a plain white case, then sealed it in resin. The result is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind mobile phone case that appeals to the nature lover in all of us.

No mad pressed-flowers-and-resin skills? No problem. We’ve got 6 phone cases along with printable templates that you can DIY in under 20 minutes. And here are 3 more printables to add to your collection.

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(Photo via Etsy Blog)