In the world of decor, we love finding brilliant ways to customize anything and everything in our homes. In fact, a few months ago we teamed up with Shutterfly to create an entire living room from scratch! We customized wall art, pillows, pencil holders, planters and more. And one of our most conversation-worthy pieces was this chic custom coffee table!

 – design template (download ours here!)

– Shutterfly wood wall art print

– hairpin table legs

– screws + screw driver

To create this table, we designed a custom piece of Wood Wall Art on We simply took one of our Brit + Co patterns, adjusted the file size to fit the wooden piece (24 by 36 inches) and then uploaded it to Shutterfly! You can use a photo, a graphic design or even print a word. You can download our template right here.

This table takes literally minutes to make.

Set the legs in the corners and screw them in. Easy as that!

Who knew wall art could turn so easily into a table?

Looks pretty good with all those custom wall art pieces and pillows, eh? :)

Have you ever created custom wall art or home decor using Shutterfly? If not, what might you create? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Shutterfly.