Easter means the candy aisle gets fully stocked with all of our favorite seasonal treats (Yay!). While we do have love for that chocolate Easter bunny and Cadbury egg, right now we鈥檙e all about about them Peeps. Because they鈥檝e definitely got all the right junk (sugar) in all the right places. So the question is: What鈥檚 to be done with those adorable chicks and bunnies in marshmallow form? They鈥檙e basically begging for you to get creative, so let鈥檚 do just that. We鈥檝e been throwin鈥 lots of springtime DIY projects your way, and now we鈥檙e ready to tackle these cute li鈥檒 edible guys too. Check out these 11 Peeps projects and visit the B+C shop for all the other Easter supplies you need + gifts for Easter baskets.

smore kit PEEP

1. S鈥檓ores: We鈥檙e thinking these colorful s鈥檓ores should be a dessert all year long. Be sure to stock up now for the summertime. (via Eclectic Recipes)

drink stir

2. Drink Stirrer: Who needs a tropical umbrella in their drink when you can have a Peep chilling on the edge instead? (via Vicky Barone)

bunny magic hat

3. Bunny in a Hat: Easter brings out the kid in all of us, and we can totally get behind a little magic like this at the dessert table. (via Not Your Momma鈥檚 Cookie)

angel food cake PEEP

4. Angel Food Cake: Watch out, Funfetti. You鈥檝e got some seriously colorful competition happening this spring. (via Serious Eats)


5. Centerpiece: We鈥檙e all for a centerpiece that features our favorite Easter treat. As long as you have the willpower to resist eating those cute bunnies, this is just the thing for your brunch table. (via Bell鈥檃limento)


6. Peeps Nests: And the award for cutest party favor goes to鈥 waffle cone Peeps鈥 nests! (via The Bakers Blog)

sunflower cake

7. Sunflower: We think it might be physically impossible to look at this cake without smiling. (via Babble)

rice krispy

8. Rice Krispies Treats: Rice Krispies treats are always a no-bake favorite, and who鈥檚 going to say no to a little extra marshmallow love? (via Babble)

sew you can cook

9. Vodka Lemon Drop: If you miss the fun of Easter from childhood, this cocktail will make you glad you鈥檙e in the 21-and-over category. (via Sew You Think You Can Cook)

peeps wreath

10. Peeps Wreath: We had to bring the Peeps wreath back, because Peeps. On your front door. A sweet welcome indeed! (via Mom Advice)

washington post PEEP

11. The聽Washington Post Contest: Okay, this one is a bit more advanced. But if you鈥檝e truly been inspired to DIY with peeps, you should enter The Washington Post鈥檚 yearly contest for the most creative display. You got this! (via The Washington Post)

What鈥檚 your favorite way to enjoy a Peep? Tell us in the comments!