Easter is such a gawkable holiday for home decor. Our apartments are already decked out in pretty pastels, speckled with dyed eggshells, and prepped with spring cleaned-vases just waiting to be filled with soon-to-bloom buds. So really, the pickin’s for DIY-ing your very own table centerpiece for Easter are anything but slim. These 23 centerpieces should provide that final push of DIY inspo for you to use the abundance of springy materials you already have at home — from eggshells to Peeps! — to your April tabletop advantage.

1. Springtime Grass Centerpiece: These clever wheatgrass centerpieces grow eggs instead of flowers. So cute! (via Eclectically Vintage)

2. Golden Easter Egg Bud Vases: A coat of gold spray paint is a DIY-ers secret weapon, and you can see why here: Cracked eggshells are now instantly luxe thanks to their metallic sheen. (via 79 Ideas)

3. FREE Wooden Decorated Easter Eggs: Painted pastel patterns give these rustic wooden eggs a modern makeover, especially when they’re set in a sleek ceramic egg dish. If you’re in SF for the holiday, come make them FOR FREE at Brit + Co SF! (via Brit + Co.)

4. Peeps Centerpiece: We love that someone thought “you know what this vase needs… Peeps!” The result is actually quite impressive (not to mention totally freaking cute), especially since the buds and bunnies matched so perfectly. (via Bell’alimento)

5. Egg Cup Planted Succulents: We’re obsessed with this project that uses egg cups as succulent planters. Painted bands add a pop of color — we love this mix of pastel blue and bright red. (via Design Improvised)

6. Eggshell Flower Centerpiece: Ran out of bloom room? Use eggshells as a vase! This dozen creates a low, sprawling centerpiece that would look great on any dining or coffee table. (via Little Inspiration)

7. Tie Dye Cake Pops Basket: This Easter eye candy is also totally edible. For reals! Spring the surprise on your guests after brunch and have them each grab their own dessert. (via Brit + Co.)

8. DIY Glitter Vases: The colors of these glitter-dipped vases are absolutely perfect for spring. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

9. Black and White Easter Eggs: Looking for an ultra modern spring centerpiece? Display your collection of black and white eggs to add a graphic pop to your dining table. (via Obviously Sweet)

10. Watercolor Vases: What would this world be like without paint-dipped jars? Let’s hope we never have to find out! (via Project Wedding)

11. Eggshell Tealight Candle Centerpiece: Halved eggshells make the ultimate Easter votives. Scatter them around your apartment in egg cups to set the mood, or bunch them together like you see here to up the ambiance. (via Little Inspiration)

12. Eggbot: If you use an egg-decorating robot as your Easter table centerpiece, you win. (via Brit + Co.)

13. Honeycomb Easter Eggs: Add a whopping dose of whimsy to your table with these honeycomb eggs. If the piñata-sized decorations seem like too much for your small space, then take note of the tinier cake topper! (via Studio DIY)

14. Lemon Lavender Candles: Use lemon rinds as a votive for lavender-scented candles to make these festive flames that smell JUST like spring! (via Brit + Co.)

15. Carrot Centerpieces: This is a genius way to take advantage of the awesome orange carrot. (via Love Grows Wild)

16. Mini Easter Baskets: Centerpieces can also double as party favors (you savvy hostess, you), so scatter these DIY Easter baskets around your table until each guest has to grab one for the post-brunch egg hunt. (via Studio DIY)

17. Gold Leaf Vases: A high class Easter brunch calls for a high class DIY, and these gold leaf vases deliver. We love how they’re filled with blush pink blooms. Swoon! (via By Wilma)

18. Giant Chalkboard Eggs: The key to acing this kid-friendly chalkboard-painted centerpiece? Use ostrich eggs! Not only are they larger, providing a bigger canvas for the kiddos to scribble on, but they’re heartier than chicken eggs, so the likelihood of them cracking under pressure is slim to none. (via The Red Thread)

19. Rainbow Water Centerpiece: How insanely creative is this DIY centerpiece? Just add a drop of food coloring to each glass vase to turn your water totally technicolor. You can even try color blocking every other vase, or go with an ombre fade from deep purple to light blue. (via Papery & Cakery)

20. Mix and Match Egg Sculptures: We’re superfans of these egg totems. It’s a must-try DIY this year! (via Mr. Printables)

21. Paper Bunny Fruit Bags: Every mom has apples and paper bags in her kitchen, which means that every mom could totally make these adorable bunny bags this holiday — no store runs necessary! (via A Subtle Revelry)

22. DIY Paper Flower Easter Eggs: Of course the prettiest paper flowers have to hatch out of the shiniest golden eggs. Some centerpieces really do have it all. (via Studio DIY)

23. Polygon Paper Vases: No, you’re not looking at a set of artisanal vases. Those colorful hexagons are actually paper sleeves disguising mason jars. Epic vase hack! (via A Subtle Revelry)

What springtime DIYs have inspired your Easter tables? Share a pic below or tell us what you’re working on this year!