There’s nothing quite like back-to-school excitement. It’s kind of like Christmas. It only happens once a year, so we are really enjoying the anticipation paired with the valid excuse to seek out new cute supplies and refresh our wardrobes. That being said, it can also (like Christmas) cost a pretty penny. Want to save some cash? DIY is the way! So, if you have an old pair of sneakers that are heading toward the trash, hang on to them for one more season. With your imagination and a little time, you can make your old boring sneakers look adorable again. Keep scrolling down to see how we turned our shoes into pencil sneakers.

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Materials and Tools:

— old white sneakers

— fabric paint

— brushes

— masking tape

Step (9)


1. Protect your surface, then take your shoe and place tape across the toe, leaving a few inches exposed.

2. Paint using a dark color for your pencil tip.

3. Remove the shoelaces and use masking tape to section off the body of the pencil. Paint using a yellow color, then let everything completely dry.

4. Paint a gray stripe on the side for the metal. Use masking tape again to be more precise.

5. Once the color is dry, paint the back part of the shoe with a pink color to represent the eraser.

6. Repeat steps on the other shoe.

step 2

First of all, be sure to protect your surface. Then take your first shoe and place tape along the toe, leaving a small section for the pencil tip. Then paint using a dark gray or black color. Next, remove the shoelaces, place masking tape as shown above and paint the body of the pencil. This time use a yellow-orange color and let everything completely dry.

At this point, paint a gray stripe on the side to represent the metal, and finally, paint the back part of the shoe pink for the eraser. Repeat each step on the other shoe. Let the colors completely dry for 24 hours before wearing the sneakers and you’re done!

step 2
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Please note that some fabric colors need to be ironed to become waterproof, so be sure to read the producer instructions before wearing them ;)

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