Okay, so yes, it鈥檚 a bummer that those lazy days of summer are about to be a thing of the past, but the transition back to school doesn鈥檛 have to be all that bad. Sure, there will be homework, boring professors and late nights, but there will also be fun roomie hang-outs and intermural leagues. If you鈥檙e not feeling so stoked about the academic side of things, get yourself a little bit more pumped by making your school supply collection the cutest ever. No black notebooks and basic No. 2 pencils here.


1. Peekaboo Folio ($6): Just because you鈥檙e in college doesn鈥檛 mean your folders can鈥檛 look like they did in third grade.


2. Gnome Crayon Set ($10): Let鈥檚 be honest 鈥 sometimes those early morning classes are a bit of a snoozefest. If you need a quick doodle sesh, bust out some paper and these cuties.


3. Monthly Planner ($5): Have one too many tests popped up without you remembering? Snag one of these adorable planners and keep yourself on top of your busy schedule.


4. Pattern Pens ($5): Because BIC pens just aren鈥檛 going to cut it.


5. Stay Focused Pencil Bag ($12): Just in case you need a reminder every once in a while.


6. Princess Bride Pencils ($8): Do that math homework with a little help from some of the characters from a cult classic flick.


7. Tape and Stapler Duo ($24): Why get a basic tape dispenser and stapler when you could get them in your favorite color? Seriously, there are 19 options.


8. Grammar Tote ($18): English majors, this is as necessary a buy as Hemingway鈥檚 body of work.


9. Scissor + Rule Combo ($10): Just remember: cut once, measure twice.


10. Donut Eraser ($3): We mean, when are donut erasers NOT a good idea? Never. Especially when they鈥檙e also scented.


11. Polka Dot Laptop Sleeve ($60): Be sure you鈥檙e keeping your tech protected as you take it from lecture to lecture.


12. Rifle Paper Co. Notebook ($15): The inside of this notebook might be filled with notes on biochemistry, but you鈥檇 never be able to tell from the outside.


13. Geometric Sticky Notes ($14): Those to-dos just got a lot more fun.


14. Heart Eraser ($3): Those Pink Pearl erasers ain鈥檛 got nothing on these cuties.


15. Patterned Files ($14): Keep your A+ papers extra safe in these cute folders.

Where do you score all your back-to-school supplies? Share with us in the comments below.