Create This Anthropologie Watercolor Wall Art for Half the Price
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Create This Anthropologie Watercolor Wall Art for Half the Price

It can be hard to make a dorm room feel like home, but we know you’re up for the challenge! An easy way to instantly brighten up your space is with colorful art — renters and small space dwellers do this all the time. Transform your college digs into a bright and happy space with a DIY copycat inspired by Succulent Spectrum Prints from Anthropologie ($28 – $78). This DIY watercolor wall art is budget friendly and it’s so easy to make.

Materials and Tools:

— pencil

— acrylic paint

— paintbrushes

— cup of water

— art masking fluid

— watercolor paper


1. On a sheet of watercolor paper, sketch a leaf design with a pencil.

2. Once you have a design you like, lightly erase most of the outline — leave a very faint outline so you can still see it.

3. With a paintbrush, apply art masking fluid to the outline of the leaf and any areas you don’t want to paint.

4. To paint our leaf, mix acrylic paint with equal parts water.

5. Once dry, use the pad of your finger to rub off the masking fluid around the edges. Use an eraser to remove any small bits that won’t come off.

6. Frame your new work of art and show off your skills!

You can make it as simple or detailed as you like — if you need help, look up leaf photos online for reference. I chose to draw a Monstera leaf and Palm leaf.

Art masking fluid is just like masking tape — it can be used to keep the paint in the lines and create clean edges.

Paint quickly to let the wet colors blend together and create a cool watercolor effect. Don’t worry about perfection here! And if you are feeling a bit intimidated, try our Watercolor Painting Online Class!

Be-leaf in yourself!

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