Winter is in full swing, as are the dark blues and grays that leave you wishing and hoping for brighter alternatives and sunny skies. One of the easiest ways to brighten up your mood is to surround yourself with colorful prints, textiles and walls. Instead of busting out the paint and going all-out remodel on your space, why not fix that dreary mood with some *free* printables? You can take your pick from the whimsical watercolor and geometric pattern designs below. Any one you pick is sure to bring life and color into your home.


1. An Apple a Day Printable: A colorful apple a day makes blues go away! Keep your home cheery with this delectably bright printable. If you need even more color, mount it in a neon frame to really give it that POP against your wall. (via Make and Tell)


2. Colorful Foliage Printable: Winter grays can leave. This colorful collage of leaf prints is a sure bet for brightening up any plain wall, just in time to welcome spring back to the neighborhood. (via Make and Tell)


3. Courage Printable: A little motivation never hurt anybody. These encouraging words bring a pretty pop of pink to the room for a fresh, young take on your existing decor. (via Gold Standard Workshop)


4. A Guide to Gemstones Printable: This colorful collection of gemstones isn’t just helpful for an inquisitive mind. Its rainbow of colors is sure to bring good vibes into your home, all while educating your friends on ways to change their moods for the better. (via Brit + Co.)

geo heart

5. Gold Foil Geometric Heart Printable: Go gold with this metallic geometric heart. It’s not as colorful as a rainbow, but its sparkling metallic sheen is sure to capture your home’s heart. Pro tip: Head to your local office supplies store to print this in color for the best quality. (via The Bold Abode)


6. Geometric Printable: This bright turquoise geometric pattern is reminiscent of a beehive. Guess that makes calling it the bee’s knees nothing short of the truth ;) (via Pretty Providence)


7. Year of the Monkey Printable: Celebrate the year of the Monkey with this fitting geometric printable. Its pretty mesh of pastel tones makes for a unique take on the Chinese zodiac. (via Twine and Table)

pineapple garland

8. Pineapple Party Printables: This colorful assortment of pineapples makes for an easy party staple or a fun garland to decorate your home or office. To get the look, print out the free fruit prints, cut them out and tape them along a piece of twine. (via Studio DIY)


9. Pineapple Printable: Here’s another pop of color in the form of a pineapple. Go mellow yellow with this pineapple’s words of wisdom: “A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.” We’ll leave it up to you to be the judge of that. (via Maiko Nagao)


10. Geo-Bunny Printable: Hop on over to get this free printable ASAP. Geometric shapes add an interesting element to an ordinary animal print while the different shades brighten up your wall. (via Twine and Table)


11. #SHENANIGANS Printable: If you’ve got a little one who’s always getting into shenanigans, this cute printable is the one for you. Hang it up in your munchkin’s room for some colorful (and cheeky) decor. (via Rae Ann Kelly)


12. Guide to Roasting Veggies Printable: If you find yourself constantly looking up roasting times for vegetables on your smartphone while cooking, this informative printable is perfect for hanging up in your kitchen. Helpful, yes. And colorful? Bonus! (via Brit + Co.)


13. Calligraphy Calendar Printable: Keep track of the days while adding a little pop of color to your desk space. This DIY calendar features colorful patterned borders unique to each month of the year. (via Brit + Co.)


14. Shot Through the Art Arrow Printable: Shoot for your 2016 aspirations with this arrow printable. Not only will it remind you of life beyond those winter blues but it adds a colorful touch to your home decor. (via Living With Lexie)

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