Oh, wine, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. You take the edge off at the end of a long day, you bring out the flavor in the yummiest foods and your bottles make for the best DIY projects. Come to think of it, so do wine corks. AND wine crates. Sure, most of us only buy wine by the bottle, but the fine folks at our local wine shop usually don’t mind parting with their open-faced wooden boxes once they’re through with them. Maybe we can’t all have the wine cellar of our dreams or order our bottles by the dozen, but that won’t stop us from enjoying our favorite reds, whites and rosés and thinking up cool ways to upcycle those crates into something awesome.

1. $3 DIY Nightstand: The process behind this upcycling project has just two steps: stain and stack. The folks who made it spent $1 per wine crate and used a can of wood stain they already had on hand. Looking to add a little color to your bedroom? Paint would work just as well. (via Redbook)

2. High/Low Modular Bookshelves: It’s amazing what a few binder clips and a bit of ingenuity can do. Case in point: this bric-a-brac-style shelving system which can be modified at any time to fit a different space, accommodate items in a different order or just plain mix things up for fun. This one in particular is an IKEA hack, but you can use wine crates for a similar — and even cooler — effect. (via Remodelista)

3. Wine Crate Display Cases: Sure, wine crates are eye-catching enough to use as display cases all on their own, but if you want to go the extra mile, consider adding some pretty paper or fabric into the mix. A high-contrast pattern in a palette of colors that pop against your wall can make a project like this the greatest conversation piece in the room. (via Design*Sponge)

4. Hanging Display Shelf: If you’re more of a minimalist, a naked crate hung with a simple hook and string is just the ticket for a handy display shelf. Just be sure to do a little due diligence before stocking it up: Sand down the surface to avoid splinters and make sure the string is strong enough to hold whatever you’re storing on the shelf. (via Homedit)

5. Rustic Nightstand on Hairpin Legs: Stain or no stain, if you’ve only got one crate to work with, the simple addition of a set of legs will give you an equally beautiful and quirky nightstand (or side table, for that matter). Find a vintage set of hairpin legs for a nostalgic vibe or go with brushed metal or painted wood for a more current look. Whichever kind you choose, just make sure they’re the right height for comfortably hitting the snooze button a few times. (via Apartment Therapy)

6. Upcycled Double Height Wine Box Storage Ottoman: Especially great for those of us who live in small spaces, furniture that doubles as storage delivers a practical one-two punch that saves space — and money, in this case. Available on Etsy or perfect to use as an inspiration point for your own project, this double-stacked storage ottoman could even be used for extra seating. (via Made Anew Shop/Etsy)

7. DIY Wine Box Storage Case: For an ambitious DIY undertaking, a storage case with a hinged top might take a bit of effort, but it’s worth the work in the end. It requires a wine crate with a top, but in absence of that, a well-measured and cut piece of plywood works just as well. Its components can be mixed and matched however you’d like, but TBH, we’re in love with the jean-pocket feature. After all, who doesn’t have an extra give-away pair tucked away in their closet? (via DaWanda)

8. Elevated Dog Bowl: Even though Fido definitely can’t drink wine, he can still dine in style when the kibble hits the bowl. While this setup is available online, the DIY version is simple. Just take a measurement and cut a bowl-sized hole in the bottom of the crate, and voila! It’s doggie dinnertime. (via Whiner & Diner)

9. Zig-Zag Serving Tray: Another slightly advanced project (requiring some woodworking skills), this DIY yields a super cool serving tray, perfect for enjoying breakfast in bed, serving snacks and drinks to guests or using as a TV tray in a cute throwback to the 1950s. Also, did somebody say metallic washi tape? Game on. (via Lovely Indeed)

10. Rustic Magazine Holder: A bit of stain, a drill and some rope: That’s pretty much all you need to convert a simple wine crate into a rustic-elegant magazine holder. It could also be used as a living room catch-all for blankets, remote controls and the like. Choose a stain that complements the room and you’re in business. (via Pretty Handy Girl)

11. Outdoor Garden Crate: If you’ve got a little outdoor space but not enough lawn for a proper garden, wine crates can be your answer to everything. They offer a perfectly organized system for keeping plants separate from one another but are still pleasing to the eye. Plant some edibles for the most drool-worthy (not to mention easy-peasy) landscaping in the neighborhood. (via Remodelista)

12. White-Washed Window Box: Maybe you don’t have enough patio or yard for a garden (or maybe any patio or yard at all!), in which case you can still enjoy a garden, just on a smaller scale. If you have an available windowsill, you have space for a box garden of herbs, flowering plants or whatever kind of green goodness you feel like tending to. Once you’ve completed your project, just be sure to go with plants that need the same amount of sunlight the window provides. (via Pretty Handy Girl)

13. Colorful Crate Shoe Storage: Whether you’ve got a mudroom or a small entryway space for shoe storage, isn’t it nice to get that footwear up off the floor? In places where sand or mud is prevalent (Pacific Northwest and coastal region dwellers, we’re lookin’ at you), compartmentalization can actually extend the life of all those shoes since they’re no longer landing in a messy pile every time you kick them off. A little high-gloss paint makes these containers easy to clean and cute as can be. (via Apartment Therapy)

14. Decorative Storage Box: Similar to the rope-handled storage box above, this whitewashed bathroom crate can hold towels, bath products or even books and magazines, but instead of rustic rope handles, it takes cabinet pulls to complete the look. Either way you slice it, it’s a whole lot cuter than a plain plastic crate or that busted old Caboodles you’ve been using since middle school. (via HGTV)

15. Decorative Wedding Box: If you’ve got all the home accents you need but happen to be planning a wedding, wine crates are the perfect solution to a host of problems. Here, they’re a beautiful way to display table cards with the help of a little baby’s breath. This takes literally no effort at all: Just put in some filler and place cards, and poof! Instant charm. (via HGTV)

16. Wedding Centerpieces: Few things give off as cozy and romantic a vibe as warm wood tones and wildflowers, especially when they come together in a winery-inspired centerpiece at a wedding reception. Then again, you can always fancy up your dinner table at home with exactly the same thing; who cares if it’s a special occasion or not? (via Brides)

Are you trying any of these, or did they spark an idea all your own? Tell us in the comments section!