You know when you go out to a restaurant and the wine list is so long it could pretty much be your next beach read? Even if that list displays each wine’s country or region, how is the average Joe supposed to know the difference between a French vintage and a Spanish one? We just want to know what will taste best with our spaghetti.

Enter: WineGlass. This seriously genius app makes you an instant wine expert by giving you an interactive version of that wine list right on your iPhone. All you’ve got to do is snap a picture of the wine list, and WineGlass not only gives you ratings and reviews from other users, but it also helps you pair your grapes with your food choices while staying within your budget. Andddd it’s only $5 at the app store.

Gone are the days of “I’ll just have Pino Grigio” because the confusion of picking another white wine is too much to bare. There will be no more anxiety over trying to impress your coworkers at a business dinner by choosing the second cheapest wine. (Admit it: We all have chosen the second cheapest wine at some point in our lives.) WineGlass allows you to skip sommelier school and gives you the confidence you need to grab a glass of vino on your own terms, and to that, we’ll gladly raise a glass.

Would you pay $5 to be an instant wine expert? Let us know how much easier your life would be with the WineGlass app in the comments below!