Nothing shows you’ve made it more than a home specially crafted for your collection of vino. From high-tech storage to vintage wine cellars, there are endless ways to store your collection in style. Of course, wine storage isn’t all pomp and circumstance. For many, a wine collection is an investment that requires a special storage setting and climate. Whether you’re an avid wino dreaming up ideas for your new home or simply a big fan of a rewarding glass of wine after a long day, feast your eyes on these 12 truly indulgent wine cellars.

1. Gold Elegance: Lined with 24-karat gold leaf, these storage cabinets provide the ultimate home for your most revered bottles. A little bling and wine? We’re all about it. (via Tony Soluri/Luxe Source)

2. Glam Lighting: A super-chic chandelier elevates this standard wine cellar to another level of class and style. (via Dust Jacket)

3. Vintage-Inspired: With an industrial table and rustic stone backdrop, we can’t think of a better spot for wine tasting and sipping. (via Scott Christopher Homes)

4. Cool and Modern: Ethereal blue lighting sets the tone, while the archway gives a nod to cathedral-inspired, vintage wine cellars from centuries ago. (via Kim Sargent)

5. Sophisticated Entertaining: Wine and dine with your BFFs surrounded by a luxe, glass-enclosed wine cellar. The neutral palette in this space feels inviting and chic at the same time. (via Giannetti Architects)

6. Trap Door: Innovative and stylish, this trap-door cellar features a spiral staircase straight down to wine heaven. (via The Kitchn)

7. Contemporary Flair: Comfy, upholstered bar stools and an abundance of wine — what else is there in life? Modern horizontal wood paneling creates a welcoming backdrop for glass-enclosed wine storage. (via Fulcrum Structural Engineering)

8. Rustic Cellar: A natural, rocky setting and beautiful wood combine for a truly luxurious space. A wine barrel table completes the look. (via Ski Boutique)

9. Under the Stairs: Put the vino on display for all to see with chic glass paneling and wine storage under the stairs. It might not technically be a cellar, but this wine storage solution creates a glam focal point to show off your collection. (via Brandon Architects)

10. Wine and Art: Select your Bordeaux of choice for the evening among colorful artwork that makes a statement. This creative space features a sleek wine rack along one wall, plus plenty of space for tasting on the other side with barstools and shelving. (via Fresh Home)

11. Dark and Dramatic: Forget the traditional Tuscan-style wine cellars — it’s all about the glamour in this alluring, contemporary space. Jet black shelving and a masculine chandelier provide a dramatic backdrop for tasting or cellar dining. (via Home Visit)

12. Elegant Storage: Here’s a spot that’s worthy of Papa Pope’s wine collection. Hundreds of bottles are on display in a temperature-controlled environment, while a traditional chandelier brings the finishing touch. (via Reserve)

Are you dreaming about a luxurious wine cellar? Let us know in the comments!