We’re not saying all puppies should have their own mansion like Paris Hilton’s furry friends, but when our dogs have a better quality of life, it can make ours as pet owners better (or at least easier) too. And while you can totally make running with your dog easy and safe or throw a doggie birthday party no matter where you live, there are certain cities that just do dogs better. We’ve rounded up 10 of the most dog-friendly US cities. Is it time for a move?


1. Denver, CO: With hundreds of outdoor activities right in your backyard, there’s no shortage of ways to get some serious exercise with your pooch. Spend time hiking mountains, running trails or laying around a park; the lack of humidity in the warm months is an added bonus.

2. Richmond, VA: It’s easy to be a city-dweller with a dog in RVA. Head to a yappy hour at a local brewery to get a cocktail with your cocker spaniel or stroll Cary Street to check out the local boutiques — most of them encourage you to bring your dog inside!

3. Minneapolis, MN: What dog doesn’t live for that first snowfall of the season? We love watching our pup run through the flakes with total abandon. And what human doesn’t live for eating outside in the summer? With 54 dog-friendly parks and 42 dog-friendly restaurant patios, you both get what you want all year round in the City of Lakes.

4. Boston, MA: Beantown’s subway system is dog-friendly, so you can jet all over town with your pup with no problem. The city’s boat culture is another plus for you and your dog. Enjoy an afternoon of lobster rolls and milk bones on the water!

5. San Francisco, CA: The Bay Area boasts a whopping 27 dog-friendly parks and has been ranked the #1 most dog-friendly city in America by Animal Planet. San Francisco also has several dog-friendly beaches, which means you can catch some rays while your dog catches Frisbees!

6. San Diego, CA: San Diego consistently gets props for having perfect weather year-round, making it an ideal spot to live if you’ve got a dog who digs the outdoors. They also have dog-friendly beaches, hotels and shops, so you can bring your pup along no matter what you feel like doing.

7. Austin, TX: If your dog is a bit more on the high maintenance side, you may want to consider moving to Austin. They’ve got pet photographers, dog yoga and dog food trucks. Fluffy’s schedule is sure to be full.

8. Milwaukee, WI: Got a water-loving doggie? Milwaukee offers paddle boarding tours through the Veterans Park Lagoon with your pooch in tow. As with many others on our list, the Midwestern city also offers a number of dog-friendly parks and patios.

9. Chicago, IL: Do you have family in town to entertain, and don’t want to leave your pup at home alone all day? Hop on the legendary architectural history cruise or head over to Puptown at the Margate Park Fieldhouse (with its own doggie drinking fountain!).

10. Tucson, AZ: The city hosts an annual Pitbulooza in honor of National Pitbull Awareness Day, so you know they have to love dogs! The fact that it stays sunny 350 days a year doesn’t hurt when you’ve got a dog to walk, either.

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