When it comes to planning birthday parties, we’ve covered the bases — for babies, kids, 30-year-olds and then some. But we’ve forgotten a *very* important member of our family: dogs! It’s high time that we throw a bday party (or pawty, if you will) for our beloved pups, isn’t it?

With the help of The Noseprint™, we’ll show you how to throw a well-deserved birthday bonanza for your dog based on her personality. Pampered pup? Bump up the classy decor with apothecary jars. Cultured canine? Why not include a trendy water bowl bar, complete with cucumber garnishes? Consider us your puppy party planners. We’ve got decor tips and tricks for throwing the ultimate birthday soiree for your dog, plus charming party favors for every furry attendee. Scroll on for the lowdown!


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First things first: What’s your dog’s personality? Refer to the handy flowchart below to find out :)



Is your dog the type that loves being carried in your purse and would prefer beauty sleep over tromping around outdoors? Then your pampered pal needs a party on par with the stars. Treat ‘em like royalty with classy decor and sweet little crowns for party favors.


Materials + Tools:
 — glitter foam sheet

— elastic

— scissors

— glue gun

— pen

— tape


Outline the top of the crown on the back of your foam sheet, then cut it out. Make both ends meet and trim as needed so that the top is consistent. Use a hot glue gun to glue the two ends together, and let dry. Lastly, glue one end of your elastic to the inside, let dry, and cover with tape. Repeat with the other end of the elastic, and you’re good to go!


As this *is* a party for pups, doggy bags are a no-brainer. Fill ‘em up with Milk-Bone® Original Biscuits treats, a tennis ball and your handmade crowns for a sweet party favor.


Here’s a little industry secret: everything looks better in apothecary jars. Display treats, toys and other party goodies in these beauties for classy decor.


Is your dog a puddle-lovin,’ mess-makin’ canine? Then you’ve got an outdoorsy pooch on your hands. Make these easy stamped leather tags for all of his al fresco friends.


Materials + Tools:
 — leather

— leather puncher (an awl will also do the trick)

— alphabet stamps

— stamping hammer

— stamping block

— utility knife or box cutter

— jump ring

— cutting mat

— pen

— tape


Cut out a leather triangle (or any shape you like) using a utility knife or box cutter, then punch a hole in the top corner with a leather puncher or awl. Thread a jump ring through this hole. Tape your tag to the stamping block, making sure the tape is parallel to the base of the triangle. Use this piece of tape as a guide to punch in your dog’s name. Then carefully hammer in each letter, holding the letter stamp perpendicular to the tag and firmly hammering once. Repeat with all other letters. That’s it!


These rugged dog tags are sure to be a hit with all of those outdoorsy dog party guests.


And how about an edible log cabin instead of a birthday cake? This one is made entirely out of medium Milk-Bone® Original Biscuits and dog-friendly icing. (But FYI, calories from treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake.)


If your dog has her own Instagram (like Miss Brie above) and has been known to wear matching apparel with her owners, then she is most definitely a cultured canine. Be sure to throw her a trendy soiree, complete with a fancy water bowl bar and doggy bow ties.


Materials + Tools:
 — fabric

— fastener strip

— glue gun

— fabric scissors

— straightedge

— pen


First, cut a square out of your fabric. Add a thin strip of glue down one outside edge, then halfway down one side, making an “L”. Fold the fabric in half to glue together all sides but one, then let dry. Once dry, turn the fabric inside out so the right side of the fabric is showing. Fold the remaining raw seam under, then glue again and let dry.


Next, cut a smaller strip of fabric. Fold each long raw edge in and glue these ends together, then let dry. Accordion fold your larger rectangle, then wrap this smaller strip around the middle. Glue the smaller strip together and trim as necessary, then let dry again. Finally, glue the bow tie to the middle of the fastener strip that’s the size of your dog’s collar. Let dry again, and you’re done!


All of your pup’s furry Instagram pals will definitely want this bow tie.


Flavored water bars have been taking over Pinterest lately, so why not make a canine for the most chic birthday party ever? Lay out tons of water bowls on a piece of vinyl tablecloth and add dog-friendly garnishes (like cucumbers) for the ultimate watering station.


Be sure to make human treats, too! We made these adorable bone breadsticks by tying knots at the ends of pre-made bread dough.


Parties are better with puppies anyway, you know?


See? Turkey is lovin’ his brand new bow tie.


It’s official: Water bowl bars > water bars. Pinterest people, take notes.


Bone appetit! (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves.)

Are you throwing a birthday party for your pup? If so, we want to see the results! Share photos with the hashtag #iamcreative and #TreatsForAll on Instagram or Twitter.

This post is a collaboration with The Noseprint™.

Authored by: Maddie Bachelder
DIY + Photo Styling: Maddie Bachelder, Anita Yang, Kelly Bryden + Marianne Koo
 Photography: Kurt Andre