Being jealous of dogs is a strange but totally understandable reaction when it comes to Paris Hilton’s pups. That’s because they’re living a lifestyle that most humans can only dream of. Along with the gourmet dog treats and top-notch grooming they surely enjoy, the Hilton pets (yes, of course they have their own Instagram account) now have their very own puppy mansion.

Featuring two stories, a gorgeous Spanish-tiled roof, intricate wrought iron gates (and balcony and inner staircase), classic outdoor light sconces and a little landscaped yard, it’s not only the house of doggy dreams, it’s kinda our dream house, too (ya know, if it was human-sized).

The dog’s Instagram account proclaims, “Our Mom is Paris Hilton. We are the cutest, smartest, coolest, best dressed pets in the world! We love our life!” Of course you love your life. So would we!

Paris Hilton doggy mansion

While one of the pups played Juliet to an absent Romeo (see adorable pic), Paris’ neighbors were overheard saying, “This neighborhood has really gone to the dogs!” …Not really, but since we live in neighborhoods that have dog houses (even snazzy architectural ones) and not PUPPY MANSIONS, we can only guess.

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(photos: Paris Hilton/Instagram)